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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving From the Gulf Coast of TX

October 28-November 3, 2018
Up and out at 8am on a Sunday morning, great way to get around San Antonio with little traffic. 174 miles, almost 4 hours, and we were pulling into Gulf Waters Beachfront RV Resort in Port Aransas TX where we own site 623. We surprised our friends J with our early arrival. A quick visit with our neighbors, got things a little settled and we were off. First stop to say hi to our friend Pat and Rena who now own a home about 2 miles down the road. Then it’s off the Peggy Ann for some fresh shrimp, $100 later we were stocked with shrimp and bait for Dave. Shrimp prices this year are $8/pd for jumbos and $5/pd for the large/medium mix, we certainly have missed the local fresh shrimp. Back home and we pay a visit to the beach, then it’s time to get really settled and relax, we’re here until 2/1.

It took us 51 nights and 2752 miles to get here the long way from Iowa. We had a blast traveling with our friends Curt and Glenda, exploring new places, attending the TX Grand Design Rally with our friends Jim and Ginnie. Dave sampled 50+ beers and we stayed at some great places. Now to unwind, enjoy the holidays and get ready for our eastward trek. As usual when we’re in one place for a while I won’t be blogging as much, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from us regularly.

The first couple of weeks we had beautiful weather, Dave got lots of fishing in and I enjoyed beach walks and just being back in a familiar area where we don’t need a GPS to find everything. The last couple of weeks have been rainy and much cooler, sure hope that changes soon.

With the cold rainy weather keeping us inside we’ve tackled a few projects. One project I’ve been considering for a while, but never mentioned to Dave till now, is changing out the valences. Our valences are made of fabric stapled to a small wooden frame, with all the staples it was impossible to take the fabric off and wash them. Trying to find curtains and valences to fit RV windows was impossible for me. Since I so don’t know how to sew trying to make new ones out of fabric was out. We now have new wooden valences that can be easily dusted. So thankful to have such a handy husband. 

Most of the hummingbirds have migrated south for the season, we recently got an alert from a friend here in the park that there were some stragglers in the park so out went the feeders again. 

With Thanksgiving week upon us my brother, sister-in-law and niece are in town. We enjoyed a great visit with them. Next time we see them they should be living here in Port Aransas permanently. This coming April they are putting their home in Colorado Springs on the market and moving down here. They have been waiting for my niece to graduate from high school which happens in May. It’ll be nice to have them down here full time, we’ll get to see more of them when we are here next.
Today is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on all we are thankful for. We have been blessed to live this nomadic lifestyle, we’re having the time of our lives. We’re thankful for our family, our friends both from before we hit the road and those we’ve made since. We will celebrate the holiday with good friends. To you all we wish you a safe holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Until next time…


  1. I bet it is nice to be back "home" where you can just sit back, relax and let winter take over the northern states. Beautiful sunset pictures!

  2. That's a lovely place you've picked for your winter home but I hope you won't quit blogging while you are there. I'd like to hear more about it and see lots more pictures.

  3. We were supposed to head to Port Aransas last winter, but after all the destruction from Harvey, we changed our route. We'd still love to get there one winter since it seems like such a beautiful spot to hang out during the colder months. I'm glad to hear people are heading back and moving there and it appears from your pictures that the sunsets are as pretty as ever. Love the new valances. Our fabric ones are still in decent shape, but they are patterned and I absolutely love the idea of having simple, single-colored ones instead. They really look great!

  4. Yes it was fun traveling together through the states. Found some new places. Glad you're settling in on the coast. Would love to have some of those shrimp. Of course I hope to get some crayfish as we travel through the gulf states next spring. Looks like a great start to the winter.


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