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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Part 1 Getting Caught Up-Finishing up 2017

December 11-31, 2017

I had started this as soon as I posted the last post but due to two new laptops in two different Verizon statement cycles we've been very limited with our wifi. Needless to say this has put me way behind, again. We do hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying 2018. We sure have been enjoying our AZ winter, think we picked the right place to be this winter.

One of the best things of this lifestyle is the friends we've made all over the country. As winter approaches our full time friends, for the most part head, to warmer places. AZ, TX & FL are the favorite places to winter. Since going full time we've enjoyed winters in TX and AZ. We've not done FL yet but in early 2019 we'll finally make it there for a little while.

Moved to site 81, much nicer and
we can use the*t don't flow up hill
Our arrival at Pioneer RV Park near Anthem AZ was the start of some fun times. Our friends Ingrid & Al of Live Laugh RV stayed here until January 1st. To say we had a fun time with them is an understatement, we were sorry to see them head out on the first. We shared a number of meals including fish fry's, elk (that Al got on his recent hunt) and a variety of other tasty meals. One day the boys went shooting at the nearby gun range, Ingrid and I braved the holiday crowds and went of search of things on her list. We walked some nearby trails, tried to get our exercise (steps) in with hopes of keeping our waistlines from expanding too much over the holidays, but with some awesome cooks it's hard to do. When Januaray 1st came around we were sad to see them leave but know we'll see them again soon.

We all got the memo to wear National Parks shirts

We visited the Scottsdale Farmers Market a few times. Great pot stickers.

Claudine (left) and her helper of Claudine's Lebanese Kitchen. She'll make special dishes for Dave, things he hasn't tasted since his grandmother passed away many years ago. If she's got Bakalava it's the best at this market.

Big produce vendor who comes every week from CA, great produce and some unique things.

Carefree AZ just east of Cave Creek has a wonderful Carefree Sundail Park which they decorate for the holidays every year. We picked an appropriately cold evening to go look at the lights. Nice they had some huge fireplaces to get warmed up by.

Trying to stay warm, one of the fireplaces is behind us. 
One of the reasons we come here is to spend time with our son David, daughter in law Laura and Jim who's like a son to us. David was suppose to have his gall bladder removed on 12/13, the doctor was sick so it was postponed till 12/20. They removed two gall stones the size of golf balls, to say he wasn't feeling chipper on Christmas is an understatement. We held dinner at our place instead.

It was as good as it looks. Thanks Jim!!

Just out the back of the park is access to some trails, while not the most scenic we enjoy walking out there some evenings. We've seen some of the wildlife and enjoyed a few sunsets.

The last day of the year Dave and I took a 10.5 mile hike on the Black Canyon Trail, it was an in and out trail which we picked up nearby on New River Rd. The trail was mixed variety, at times it's a hiking trail and sometimes it follows some of the "roads" out here. What a great way to end 2017.

Goodbye 2017

Until next time...


  1. Good thing you put the link to this post on #3 or I would have missed it. You definitely picked the right place to be this winter. But we still love being in Florida since we love the water. Love that Claudine fixes Dave’s grandmother’s favorites. That’s always the trouble with childhood foods. The newer generation doesn’t know how to make them. Gall stones the size of golf balls sounds horrible. Sympathies to David. Love those 3 cactus sunset pictures especially that last one. Great shots of the coyote and burro as well.

    1. I don't think too many folks saw this page, it had a really low view count. We are so glad we're out west this winter, hope we can meet next winter while we're in FL. We have a favorite Lebanese restaurant too, Dave really enjoys trying their dishes too. Thankfully David is feeling so much better. Glad you enjoyed the sunset pictures.


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