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Sunday, April 30, 2017

On To Lake Shelbyville IL

April 10-30, 2017

We finally had to say goodbye to Curt & Glenda as we parted ways on Monday morning. They have been awesome traveling partners, great walking buddies and we can't wait to do it again. While it was sad parting ways we know we'll see them soon when they head to IL to visit family.

We had just over 800 miles to go to Shelbyville IL so we broke it up into 3 travel days. Once we got out of the Mobile AL area we had an enjoyable travel day staying off of interstates and riding some major US routes.

I have been contemplating taking a turn driving while the RV is attached. I'm very comfortable driving our big truck and Dave's recent illness just reiterated why I should do it. So today was the big day. Of course there are no pictures, I think Dave was a little too frightened to take pictures. I spent a few hours behind the wheel, made a few mistakes but that's what learning is all about. I drove thru Columbus MS and we made it to DeWayne Hayes COE just north of Columbus safely and in one piece. After checking in I gave the wheel back to Dave, not quite ready to tackle backing into a site.

DeWayne Hayes is another beautiful COE park, most sites are large and while they all have water and electric some also have sewer. We enjoyed our two nights there, even had a fire one night. They have some trails you can walk, it is located on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway with boat access.

Our next stop was at Reelfoot Lake State Park in northwester KY. A walk around the park and all we could think of was Duck Dynasty and Deliverance had all come together. The park left a little to be desired, folks are allowed to stay for months on end so it really has the feel of a fish camp.

While the view is nice what's not showing is what made us decide to only stay one night. Just behind us was the boat ramp and our view was soon obscured by trucks parking after dropping their boats. Diesel fumes coming in the rv when ever there were trucks running, early morning fishermen with loud trucks, one night was enough.

The next morning we were on the road to our summer volunteer gig. We arrived by 1pm and were let into the park by one of the other volunteers. The park didn't open till 4/20, we volunteers had the campground to ourselves for a little bit.


 One of the things they allow at this COE is the gathering of fallen wood. You can even use a chain saw to chunk up some of the longer pieces. We invested in a $50 electric chain saw and laid in hopefully a full season of wood.

Some of the nicest sites at Opossum Creek are the tent sites. All three points have tent sites at the end of the loops.

Site 24, water, electric and 60' long, one of the best sites in the park. If anyone is coming for a visit this is the site you want to try for. There are also quite a few full hookup sites, some you can reserve and some are walk-in only.

Site 24, the best view of all the rv sites.

We are enjoying being here near my folks. We've seen them a number of times already. We've have met most of the other volunteers and already have sat around a few fires with them. We have "worked" two days at the visitors center and that went well. We're looking forward to our summer here near family and friends, a few couples we know have already made reservations here and we look forward to their arrival.

As much of the summer will be just living here in the area I once again won't be posting much. We hope you all have a safe summer whatever you're doing.

Until next time...


  1. Good for you driving Faye! It's good that we can feel confident with all the aspects of this lifestyle. Loved all the bird pictures. It's always nice to be able to be near family again. The park looks very nice.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your volunteering.


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