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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Winding Down Our Stay In Port Aransas TX

March 1-20, 2017

March started much like the January and February did with Dave fishing most days, between getting my daily steps in, prepping the rv for travel and enjoying the company of some girlfriends my days passed by quickly.

In 2014 while at Gulf Waters Beachfront RV Resort we were fortunate to meet Ron & Rose from Australia who were touring the US in their rv at the time. Since then they have sold their rv and we enjoy following their Aussie adventures on Facebook. We received word they were back in the US traveling with a friend in her motorhome, we were glad to hear they were making a repeat visit to Gulf Waters. Thanks Ron, Rose & Ceil for taking the time to visit the gang at GW.

One of the last activities we participated in at Gulf Waters was a park wide pub crawl. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and we had to hold the event in the community center. Each of the 8 teams provided 100 people with a drink and appetizer. Our team went with a Mardi Gras theme and featured Peach Moonshine and pulled pork sliders. Thanks to DuWayne & Jackie, Pat & Rena and Dave & I we had (as far as we are concerned) the best food and drink.


Thanks to these two wonderful ladies for a fun filled winter, I'm sure going to miss seeing them daily. Thanks for some great memories you two.


The boys, Dave will miss fishing with Pat and trying to keep DuWayne out of trouble. 

Feeling no pain, we sure did have a good time.

Before we knew it March 18th rolled around and our friends Curt and Glenda of Camp Lowry: That's How We Roll we will be traveling with them for 3 weeks as we go along the Gulf Coast. But before we took off we spent a few days sharing our lives here at Gulf Waters.

Dave & Curt fished, Glenda and I walked. We enjoyed a fish fry and Glenda and I got to take a horseback ride on the beach but alas neither one of us used our phone to get any pictures.

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye.

Safe travels, we'll miss you, thanks for a fun winter...see you down the road.

Until next time...


  1. Looks like a place we need to check out one winter for an Arizona alternative. have fun with the Lowrys! Try to stay out of trouble you four!

    1. Doing the best we can to stay out of trouble but you know the Lowrys. Love Port Aransas but also the desert, hard to choose one over the other.

  2. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang with us a bit. There's no doubt in my mind, your team served up the BEST... speaking from experience. Have a great summer and I look forward to hiking with you in the fall.

    1. Sorry we didn't get one last visit in before you left. Looking forward to adventures in AZ with you in the fall.

  3. Stay out of trouble? Why? It's more fun. Had a wonderful time in Port A and now on the road. Man I love surf fishing. We're coming back for sure.


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