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Monday, June 27, 2016

A Week of Decrompressing-White Sulpher Springs MT

June 19-25, 2016

Saturday evening after publishing the blog we had an interesting rv come in, just had to share it with everyone. The tour company is called Rotel Tours, I googled it and they are rolling hotels. Two people share a sleeping cubicle, about 3'x3'x6' and there is one communal bathroom. During the day there is bus like seating, There were 20-25 people in the group, seemed to be European, maybe German. Not sure if this is the way I'd want to travel.

Sunday morning after watching the rolling hotel get rolling we finally got rolling around 9am for our short 2 hour ride up the road. We pulled into the Conestoga Campground in White Sulpher Springs MT about 11:15am. The office was closed until 1pm so we found a site and got settled in. White Sulpher Springs is in the middle of nowhere MT and is a great place to decompress after our crazy week in Yellowstone.
Conestoga Campground is part of the Coast to Coast Resorts which we are not part of but they are also a Passport America campground which we are part of. PA rate is $19.95/night and can be used for 4 nights, with 3 nights at the regular rate of $39.95 our week stay is just under $210. They have a laundry room which we will be taking advantage of, lots of dvd's to borrow, some sites are water and electric (30amp) but we have a full hook up site with 50amp. Sites are not real spacious but it'll do for a week.
Aside from a drive to Helena to stock the pantry we didn't really do much but hang out at the park. It's was a week of decompressing, we'd been on the go since we left Cave Creek AZ on May 1st. It's was nice to just spend time reading, walking and just living. We walked every day we were there, found a real nice 5.5 mile walk and one day even got caught up in a cattle drive as cows were moved from one pasture to another one down the road a mile or so.

Our wildlife sightings for the week.

Cool scenes around the campground, all done with a pattern by the owner during the long MT winters. 

Beautiful MT scenery 

Old homestead we passed by on our walks

 Beautiful sunset in Big Sky Country

The cattle drive we got caught up in on our walk one morning

Sunday we moved over to Big Timber MT where we will be for 10 days while the holiday weekend is upon us. We do plan on a few scenic rides from there and a few other things.

Until next time...


  1. Nothing wrong with decompressing. We need to do some of that. Looks like beautiful country. Have fun and relax. :-)

  2. Into all lives must come some decompressing. I've seen those Rotels in Europe. In a funny coincidence, I was standing in the midde of Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul with my family in 2010 when Mui called me from the US to say he had found the motorhome we were looking for and was flying out to Oregon to check it out ;-)

  3. Wow that is one gorgeous sunset picture! Love the cattle drive too! Nice to have some do-nothing time.

  4. Awesome wildlife and scenery, looks like are great place!

  5. The rolling hotel is very interesting. They seem to have a lot of other RV type ideas in Europe. I'd like to go to an RV show there. It really is nice to just kick back and take it easy for a few days. Looks like a great place to do it. The owner is quite talented. I assume those are metal sculptures. Your pictures of the scenery are just beautiful. Enjoy your rest.

    1. They are actually wood signs, he gets a pattern and cuts them out then paints them.

  6. Love the big sky sunset! Always wonderful to have some laid back time to just enjoy a beautiful new front yard :-) We'll be in Big Timber on the 9th - looking forward to seeing Montana.

    1. We keep missing each other by days. We're out of here on the 6th. MT is such a beautiful state.

  7. No I won't stay in that Rolling Hotel :)
    I would love to decompress too after Cody.
    Great pics of big sky country, Dave must be enjoying his new toy.


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