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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friends & Family

Our next few stops were filled with time spent with friends and family. Our stop in Springfield IL brought us to the park Carla and Jerry of CozybeGone are workamping at this summer. While we had only spent an afternoon with them once before we became good friends during the ensuing months. A mutual support network over the last year has turned into a valued friendship. A few days of hanging out together cemented the friendship...can't wait to see Carla and Jerry again down the road.

An afternoon of visiting,  talking and laughter was a great start to our few days together.

A stop at the Apple Barn for some local treats followed by a walk through the botanical garden then a driving tour of historic Springfield made for a busy day.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye, can't wait till our trails cross again. Thanks Carla and Jerry we had a great time.

 Our next stop was a short 1.5 hours away, we arrived at Bo Woods COE in Sullivan IL on opening day. We were in the area to visit my folks and it just happens our friends Curt and Glenda of Camp Lowry just happened to be coming into Bo Woods at the same time.  We got there early enough to score a decent site, only part of the campground was open so couldn't get our favorite spot. Things are changing at Bo Woods, more sites are being converted to FHU's. 

We've met Curt and Glenda twice before and each time we have more and more fun with them. I've also never had someone telling me they want to be like me, guess I'm a fountain of information sometimes and don't realize it.Can't wait to spend more time this winter in AZ with them.

 Our visit was short but filled with lots of socializing, between my folks and family along with our friends each of the days was packed full of fun.

Good food, family and is good. 

Off to the factory next to take care of few issues so,
Until next time...

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