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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Houston & A Few More State Parks

We moved around Houston on Sunday, Sunday is one of the better days to get around that crazy town. We headed to Brazos Bend State Park, one we've been to before and really like. Fortunately Dave's uncle Ray had the afternoon free and we spent it catching up. Too bad we forgot to take pictures, we are going to be getting together again when he has more free time since Houston is not that far from Port Aransas. While at Brazos Bend we also met Connie and Dave, they are local astronomers and put on some of the Saturday evening functions at the on site observatory at the state park. Connie and Dave had actually toured out rig when it was at the Houston show, small world sometimes.

On Monday we headed over to Space Center Houston, I had been there in the late 60's, I don't much from that trip but I do remember viewing the mission control room. If you'd like to read an in depth post about what is there please check out Travelbug Susan's post of her Level 9 VIP tour. We enjoyed a couple of hours there.

We spent the afternoon around Brazos Bend State Park, Dave tried fishing but instead drowned a few worms, though maybe the alligator that was under the pier got a snack-too bad we didn't take a camera with us.

Brazos Bend State Park is a beautiful state park with lots of multi use trails, a Nature Center and an the George Observatory just wish we had more time so we could take advantage of the park. We are always busy or the weather isn't cooperating. Sites are large and there are many that will fit a large rig, can't wait till we can get back and have the time to stay for awhile

Our next stop was at Goose Island State Park, once again a repeat state park. Goose Island has bayfront and Dave wanted to spend some time fishing. With the weather changing for the worse we decided it was time to get as far south as possible. We were there for a few nights and then move on to Gulf Waters RV Resort where we own a site, we'll be there until sometime in March.

 Crazy man but now our freezer now has some fish in it.

If you are a fan of the COE campgrounds you'll probably like the Texas State Parks, we have found most of them to be great places with nice sized sites and generally well kept. If you'll be visiting more than three different parks be sure to check out their State Park pass.

Until next time...


  1. Those both look like great state parks. I sure hope you are far enough south to not get the freeze.

  2. We loved Goose Island SP! I don't think you're far enough South :) You should have bought a lot in South Florida! Hope this cold spell is short and temporary for you. Enjoy the winter!

  3. Cold and snowy here in VT. I'll bet it looks bleak at Maplewoods right now. Head farther south faster - cold weather seems to be everywhere.

  4. Glad you stopped by to say hello before we left Port A ... enjoy the winter ... hopefully it's mostly warmer and sunnier than it has been this past week.


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