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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We'll Miss You Kevin

Last week we lost a family friend, Kevin, tragically to suicide, our lives are a little less brighter with out him in it. Through the years in Huntington Kevin was a fixture, coach of our son's soccer team, his oldest girls are our boys age. He and I chaperoned many a field trip together, if possible we'd reject the school bus for one of our cars, great times yakking away. I was exactly 2 days older than him, a fact he always reminded me of on my birthday. In the early years he would refer to our son Tom as the kid who ran with his hands in his pockets, later years he confided in me his daughter was in love with Tom and just waiting for him to grow up. I met Colleens fiance last weekend, they both enjoyed hearing of our lifestyle and thought full timing was a great idea. As the kids grew we didn't see Kevin as much, running into him at the local store or coming into the bank when I worked there. The last time we saw him was last year at our last garage sale, we spent some great time talking about the our new lifestyle changes, another friend who so understand our desire to live this lifestyle. Kevin and I were FB friends and would comment once in awhile on each other posts. Less than a week beforehand I sent him a message asking if he was going to an usher at an upcoming concert I was attending. He messaged back he was working as little as possible and thanks for thinking of him, less than a week later he was no longer with us. I know he had to be thinking of taking his life even then, he wrote his obituary, sent letters to his wife and each of his daughters, emailed a friend soon beforehand, paid the next months bills and set up a family trust. He headed to a ski slope nearby where he and his family had spent many wonderful years, he was found a few hours later. He wanted no funeral but instead a celebration of his life, we along with our good friends from Huntington attended, he had touched all our lives. On Sunday we attended the celebration held at the family home, we spoke with his bewildered wife, gave our love to her and the girls, spoke with a few of the hundreds of folks that were there. People we hadn't seen in years all expressing the same disbelief that of all folks Kevin would be the last we would expect this to happen to. The words his wife spoke to me as we hugged of the special bond Kevin and I had still bring tears to my eyes when I think of them and of him so gone, not to see again. Our hearts,thoughts and prayers go out to his girls whom we know he loved dearly. RIP Kevin until we see you again.


  1. Sometimes it's so difficult to understand one's inner turmoil especially when they are good at hiding their pain. My sincere condolences for the loss of your special friend.

  2. How very sad. We are so sorry for your loss and the loss of his friends and family.

  3. I'm so sorry to just be reading this. Our hearts go out to you. <3
    Alison & Dave


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