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Sunday, September 22, 2013

We're done!!

The last week has flown by with work, packing and breaking camp, last run into Burlington for lunch with my girlfriend Carol. Lunch and running around with Carol was fun as usual but poignant at the same time realizing it would be a long while till we could do this again.

Packing is done, the yard has been cleaned up for it's new seasonals who will actually be coming in for another weekend  before the season ends and spending it on this site.

 Over the weekend we had a Halloween celebration,
since we are leaving Monday we didn't do much in the way of decoration and with the forecast we didn't want to have a wet mess to clean up.

Saturday about 1pm I got the call from Dave he was leaving
 the plant and was free for 7 months and one week.
After I got off work Saturday we took a walk around the park
saying goodbye to the remaining friends we've made this summer
 and to check out the site decorations.
We had 4 sites cancel for various reasons this weekend
so there were not as many kids as
 expected but a good time seemed to be had by all.

 These folks one a free weekend, by the time they were done they had a haunted maze to walk through, too bad I had to work,

 Jello shots were served to the adults here :)!!

Our friends Les & Deb were sick so decided not to come out today, we were so sorry not to be able to see them one last time. Mike and Carol came out for an afternoon visit, around 4:30 we all headed to the camp store to say see ya to Robin. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the store and look forward to coming back late April. After an afternoon of talking we headed into Johnson for dinner, too busy talking to remember a camera, a tearful goodbye and we were on our way home.

We hope to leave between 8 and 9, Glimmerglass State Park outside of Cooperstown is tomorrows destination. Time to start the touring.

Until next time...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gail, thought of you and Rick when we got out on the water.

  2. Welcome back to the Road! Im sorry we didn't get to meet. Things started changing with our plans, and I ended up totally spacing off meeting up with you! Shame on me! Maybe somewhere down the road someday.

    1. No worries, the last week was a bit crazy as it was. One of the joys, I've heard, of this lifestyle is the ability to change our plans as we want, I'm sure we'll meet somewhere down the road.

  3. So far everything and more than we expected or wanted, love it...


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