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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Second showing

Yesterday I headed back to the campground, time to make sense of the drop and run we did Sunday. Of course there was more stuff to bring up, one thing I brought up was our load of leftover firewood. As I was unloading the full bed of firewood all I kept hearing in my head was a saying Dave has a fondness of repeating. "A good VT woman can carry her weight in wood". I shared this with Dave that evening, he got a big kick out of it, he had been going around work telling everyone about his woman carrying firewood.

While working around our site I received a message from the father of one of the folks looking at the house on Sunday. He was a surveyor and real estate agent and the "kids" had a few questions he was looking into for them. Since we live on a river there is always the question of flooding and insurance, our house is out of the flood plain and during Irene never had water up to it, so of course there is going to be those kind of inquiries. Dave called him back, answered his questions and came away with a good feeling.

I talked with Robin about the upcoming week and when we could move up. If I'm up there then I can help on the grounds whenever needed without having the hour drive each way. Dave is off Wednesday and Thursday this week so we are closing the house up on Wednesday and moving to camp. After nearly 20 years we have disconnected the land line, the cable, internet and garbage will end on Wednesday, if we have to come back :( we can always start some of the services up but won't have a land line again, seems a little redundant.

Since we are heading to camp on Wednesday I headed back to the house to wrap up a few things there, since it's nice I wanted to get the windows done but then it started sprinkling so I packed up the remaining clothes, food and little things around the house.

Late afternoon Dave talked with Joe (husband of the couple who looked at the house) and has set up a second showing for Tuesday evening. When here on Sunday this was one of four houses they looked at, they want to look at it with fresh eyes and I believe they are bringing the father who we spoke with earlier in the day. We plan to be here to let them in, answer what ever questions they might have then we're going to leave them with the house and head to dinner.

So...... we shall see, could this be, might this be our last night in this house. I woke up early this morning with a lot of emotions going on. While we are still a long way from a closing we are going in the right direction. We have found that the market seems to have picked up as this was the sixth showing in a month, we are keeping a positive attitude that this will be our year.

So today I will wash the windows and vacuum the screens since this was the plan anyway, finish the packing so all we have in the morning is the fridge and just a few odds and ends then head to camp.

Until next time...

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