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Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday, Skyping and moving weekend


Thursday was my birthday, Dave always enjoys reminding me that for 6 weeks his married to an older woman. Since today was a work day for Dave I was on my own. Heard from a lot of friends and family on Facebook and through emails. Both boys called, was great to be able to talk to both of them for a bit. My day consisted of a Wal-mart stop, where I ran into a friend from high school, and a grocery run it was back home to work on packing everything into the RV. It was a beautiful day so the trips from the house to the RV could be done in short sleeves, great for April in VT. On his work days Dave leaves the house at 6:00am and doesn't get home till 7pm, and on this work day he had a retirement dinner that started at 5pm, so he was going out to dinner on my birthday with out me, great guy that he is he did get the restaurant to give him a big piece of chocolate mousse cake to bring home.


This is the start of Dave's weekend off so after a morning run to Wal-mart Dave and I got going on more packing of the RV. During the day our son David called wanting to know if we ever signed up for Skype, he wanted to give us a tour of his new home. He just closed on his first home in Surprise AZ, seems like he got a lot of home for a really good price, it did take him 4+ months to close since it was a short sale. Friday was going to be his first night there, seems the internet was off in his old apartment where what little furniture he has was, but the internet was on in the house but the furniture wasn't coming until Saturday. Oh well he has his priorities :-). By the end of the day we had finished filling the inside of our 300 sq ft home and toured David's 1800 sq ft home via Skype, a little mind boggling. Too bad he doesn't live closer, we could fill his house with all of the stuff we have to get rid of one of these days.


Of course the morning started off with another run to Wal-mart, trying to be as organized as possible while packing things into the RV. The day was spent taking the stuff out of the basement (underbelly storage) from last years trips and gathering everything we plan to take with us. With out much trouble we got it all packed, seems I did pretty good with purging though I do know there is stuff in there I could get rid of if needed but hey for now it's coming with us. Our evening ended with dinner and cards with some friends. Sent out an email telling everyone of the imminent demise of our land line, after nearly 20 years we are giving it up.


Nope didn't have to run anywhere this morning :), time to get moving to camp. After an uneventful hour or so ride up to Maplewoods Campground in Johnson VT we arrived around 11, we took our time getting level in our site, we'll be here for 5+ months so want it as close to level as possible. After a few tries we got the RV just where we wanted. A little after noon we got a call from a prospective buyer, he saw our ad in the local for sale by owner magazine, Picket Fences. Since I knew I had another hour ride ahead of me I tried to make the appointment for 4pm but they wanted 3pm so after a quick hi to Robin and a see you in a day or so I hightailed it home and left Dave to finish emptying the big truck. By the time Dave got home the appointment had been changed to 4pm so I had a bit of breathing room, since we've spent the last few days packing the RV the house was looking a little messy but by 3pm she was as good as she was going to get. Dave and I talked about how we were going to present the house and our game plan. The showing went well, the family was here about 45 minutes, we were the 4th house they had seen that day and wanted to go home and digest everything. Some of the questions they asked though led us to believe they might really be interested. I'm sure the next door neighbor letting the kids play with her new puppy helped, not to say our neighbors and customers come from CA and both ride motorcycles. Is Karma playing a hand, wonder if they'll call back.

Until next time...

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