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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Port Aransas and Gulf Waters After Hurricane Harvey

September 14-October 14, 2017

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey made landfall a group of owners here at Gulf Waters started changing end of summer plans and heading here to be ready to enter the park as soon as allowed. They all stayed about 70 miles away in Mathis TX. For a few weeks they commuted most days down to the park to start the cleanup. About a dozen RVs were left to ride out Hurricane Harvey, most of them were totaled. Harvey made landfall on August 25th, we started getting first reports on our resort on 8/28, folks were allowed in but until 9/10 no rv's could be brought in. Our management and staff, the first owners in the area who had to travel 70 miles one way, all contributed so much to our resort looking so well when we arrived on the 14th. Thank you to all of them for their hard work.

Some pictures from around our resort on the day we arrived.

Our rv pad and finished portion of our lot looked good but inside the shed needed some work and we lost a few shingles. Saltwater had gotten in, it was up about 3'. Our friends DuWayne & Jackie also use our shed, when we opened it up we were greeted by a bunch of stuff every which way. Our freezer didn't work, Dave lost a fishing pole, several of our friends chairs were ruined and a few other assorted things were tossed.
The floor was covered in a dried silt layer so everything on the floor was removed. I soon discovered a wire brush was the best tool for removing the silt. We also did the same for our friends DuWayne & Jackie, who won't be here till just before we leave. We didn't want them to have to deal with it. The gravel around our site needed a good raking and then I gave everything a good soaking. We've also done some trimming of our trees and shrubbery, added a the site maintenance done. 

Our beach on 9/14/17

            Life is abounding on the beach

We arrived during the hummingbird southern migration...lots of hungry birds who soon moved on further south. Good thing we got a new hummingbird feeder in CO.

Our days here at Gulf Waters have gone by quickly, we usually do something in the morning then Dave fishes in the afternoon. Our freezer is quickly filling up, I see a few fish fries in our future. I know some friends who will be excited to hear that. One of our summer purchases was very small up right freezer...just a bit bigger than our dorm fridge, fits in the basement and is getting filled with seafood. Dave will hook it up to the inverter for while we're traveling, we've been real happy with the purchase of it, so nice to be able to stock up.The shrimp boats went out and we stocked up, 30 pds fresh off the boat...doesn't get any better than that. We froze up enough for 9 we need more?

2019 Spring Travels-have to get some states filled in on our map
 After getting our site all set we got an assignment from the resort manager. For awhile we were getting the road frontage all raked up. Between the seaweed that came ashore and the excavator they hired to get it out the road frontage had taken a beating.We have been tending a palm tree that hopefully makes it, one of many which were blown sideways. Since the work left in the resort is more specialized we have had time to relax and see some friends.

Summer 2019 Maritime Provinces-any suggestions anyone 
The days are very hot and humid so I've been spending quite a bit of time inside. I've been busy working on our 2019 travels since I know this spring I'm going to need to be making some reservations for the following year. Also had to figure out what we we might want to do as we drive to AZ. Looks like we'll be in Big Bend for 4 nights, a couple of other stops, plans are to arrive at Cave Creek on 10/25, leaving here 10/15.

The park reopened to renters on 9/30, we had about 5 guest rv's in the park that weekend. Many reservations have cancelled but more, especially the Winter Texans, have kept theirs, they want to come and support the community. Port Aransas needs the support of its Winter Texans, all businesses in town sustained damage, some restaurants and a few businesses have reopened, some never will reopen. One of our favorite restaurants, Avery's, wont be reopening.  I'm so glad we got to do our Christmas dinner there last winter as we'll never be able to again :(  I know of 3 other RV parks open, I know of at least 3 that will be closed for awhile. I encourage anyone who was thinking of coming down here this winter to still do so if possible, these businesses need your patronage and support.

We've checked out the areas around Port Aransas and up to Goose Island. There are lots of photos of the aftermath Hurricane Harvey taken on 9/21/14 about 3 weeks after making landfall.

Avery's-best dive on the island, we'll miss you

Peggy Ann our shrimp boat
One of a few sites where meals were served for residents and volunteers

 We've also been across the ferry to Aransas Pass.



Dave used to get oysters here :(

Oyster boats used to come in here
We drove out to Goose Island State Park but as expected it is closed for the undetermined future. We then took a ride around the island. We first met our friends Ingrid & Al while staying at Goose Island SP in 2013, they were staying at another park nearby. Since then we've met them here on the island and in the area a few times.

So as we wind down our stay here while this wasn't where we planned to be these last few weeks but we've had some great down time. We've gotten to see some of our great friends which has been an unexpected surprise. Fish fries, beach walks, game playing, sharing meals with great friends...thankful for this time we've had here. Our site is ready for renters and the freezer is full, time to get to AZ.
Going to miss these great friends

Can't stay at the beach and not get a sunrise picture or two.
Until next time...