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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2nd showing con't and moving day

So here's where we be. They want to make an offer but they have to find out first if their son who is a junior this year can stay in his current school,  which is closer than the district high school, but when they called yesterday the person they need to talk to is away this week. So instead of going ahead with an offer that is dependent on that contingency they will call us by this time next week. If we get another person wanting a second showing we told them we would call them. So until next week we won't know anything. So the house will continue to show and with a little luck next week we have an offer. 

I had a bit of a rough time getting to sleep last night, this was probably our last night in the house. A lost of memories of so many good times over the past 20 years. VT will forever be a part of who we are, hopefully we will be able to come back for the next few summers. 

Today we moved into the RV with all of the stuff we're bringing with us. For now we have everything put away but I know with time there will be rearranging. For a May day in VT it has been absolutely beautiful, highs in the mid 70's, what perfect weather to begin this new phase in our lives. So for now we are fulltime RV'ers, though we still have that darn house tying us down. By moving into the RV now I can be around to help out getting things ready here at the campground, also getting Dave away from the house relieves some of his stress, though it does make his work day a bit longer.

It is a little weird being the only ones here in the campground, it's so very peaceful having it all to ourselves. There is lots going on here, the last of the sites are being put in. This campground opened last year so there is still lots to be fun. Exciting to be a small part of it, I'm looking forward working here and being a part of it growth. So tonight our first campfire and I'm sure a night of great rest.

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  1. Know what u mean about being alone in the campground, we r on r second trip and until yesterday, we were all alone. Good luck with the new life phase.

    1. Thanks Mark,isn't it great to have a campground to yourself, never realized how great this life could be. Hear you're having some cold weather :( for the time we have great weather and a great forecast

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