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Monday, April 22, 2013

Girls Weekend

Saturday started early for me, I was on the road by 7:15 to head to Lake George. What a beautiful day for a ride, I decided to drive a different route from our normal travels. Because of the early hour not many cars were on the road, for the early part of the trip I followed the Otter River and saw evidence of the river over running it's bank recently, the road still had debris so imagine this happened in the last few days with all the rain we've. This route also took me past the state park were we had our last tent camping trip which made me once again reflect on the major change we are making to our lives in the upcoming years. Sometimes seems a bit overwhelming at how far we've come and all that we do still have yet to do to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

I arrived at Sutton's Cafe in Queensbury NY right on time to meet with Kathi, a former coworker from my banking days. Kathi came to the bank with out any experience but with a great work ethic and personality to boot, it was a pleasure to work with her. She soon become my back up head teller and in 2008 she applied for a head teller job in Bolton Landing NY to be near her family, she deservedly received the transfer, over the years we kept in touch, helping each other when needed, with all the changes we underwent there were always questions. Over the years we have stopped in to see her when we can. We spent a few hours talking and catching up, she is a few years older than my boys so it is fun to watch her grow up and what life changes she is going through, it will be interesting to see where she is next time we meet. She is pondering the same questions I did many years ago, seems like her answers to them are in the right place. She says when I publish this she will follow, so Kathi if you're ever readying this I had a great time catching up and look forward to the next time.

Rene showed up a little after 11:00 and soon after we headed to the outlets. By the time we got through the stores we wanted to go into I had found 1 Corelle plate and some Lindt chocolate, seconds so I got a really good deal. After the outlets we headed to the hotel spent a bit of time unwinding and catching up then headed to the mall for dinner at a 99Resteraunt. We had a bit of wait so we popped into JCPenny's and came out empty, we had just walked into Target when the dinner buzzer went off, so we left the mall empty handed but with full bellies. A soak in the hot tub and a late night talking capped off the evening, it is always fun to catch up with each others life, she has her son heading off to college this fall and we have all of our life changes going on. Wonder where we both will be next time we do a girls weekend.

After a late Sunday morning start we headed back to the mall to pick up where we left off. Target finds were a few things organizing and storing in the RV then at TJ Maxx I picked up some exercise bands for Carol and I. It was then off to the Olive Garden for a long lunch. It was a great time, we reminisced, we caught up on what was going on these days and we talked about what our futures had in store for us. After hugs, goodbyes and wet eyes we both headed for our vehicles, called our husbands and got our gps out.

I had absolutely no luck in finding a dress for a wedding much less two for two weddings. Since I lost a bunch of weight a few years back I don't have many dress clothes, I have one really nice dress but wore it to Dave's sisters wedding already, both weddings we are going to this summer are for Dave's family, now I know guys don't get it but I just can't wear the same dress to all of these weddings. Now I am a cheap shopper and won't pay full price for any of my clothing, when I'm in a store, which isn't often, I shop the clearance racks and check for really good sales. In all the stores I never found a dress that I even wanted to try on or if I did I wouldn't pay the $$ they wanted. And what about some of the styles and patterns, paisley still keeps coming back and I keep wondering why. While we both came away without any clothes we did have a good time wandering the racks, all most like being in high school again out shopping.

My ride home was just as great as my ride the day before. I took our usual route and while there were lots of cars out nobody was being crazy so it was a enjoyable ride. As I headed into Bristol VT I was following a new red Chevy Camaro convertible, now Rene's most favorite car is a Camaro, she turned her last one in for kid friendly vehicle. How fitting to be behind this car this day.

What a wonderful weekend with a best friend who has known me since I was 14.

5-2013 Rene & Faye

Until next time...

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