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Friday, April 19, 2013


The last 10 days we really haven't done much. Of course the continual tweaking of things at the house continues. We've had 5 different showing in just under a month, still no one to make an offer.

Got the colonoscopy done, looks like they want to see me in 3 years, good thing the last bout of over the counter meds worked. Don't like the diet you have to do before hand but if it gets the job done guess I can deal for a few days. Dave had his done a few years and doesn't have to go back for 10 years, lucky him.

Last weekend was Dave's weekend off so we had the usual culprits (Les, Deb, Mike & Carol) over for dinner and hanging out. A dinner of lasagna, salad, bread and strawberries with pound cake was enjoyed by everyone, as usual much laughter and good times while playing a heated game of Uno were had by all. One more weekend to get together before we head to Maplewoods, hope they all make the trip out over the summer. Mike & Carol tent camp so I'm sure they'll be out for at least one overnighter, I'm sure we can get Les and Deb up for a swim and cookout at least once. 

The weather has turned nicer so we took advantage of it. I spent the day raking up the rocks the plow throws in our yard when they're snowplowing. Usually the plow goes by about 40-45mph so the rocks get thrown quite far, sure don't want to run over one of them while mowing, could be ugly if it made contact with a window. 

Tomorrow I head to Lake George NY to meet up with one of my best friends, Rene and I have known each other since 1974, lots of years of intertwined lives and this weekend we get to get caught up. So the Seagram's Strawberry Daiquiri's and homemade cookies are packed, the overnight bag is almost ready. At 6am tomorrow I'll go pick up the Ridgeline and go back home, I'll head out about 7:15 so I can make Sutton's in Queensbury by 9:30 to meet one of my former co workers for breakfast, them meeting Rene at 11:30 for our girls weekend. Sometime Sunday I'll head home, Lake George is just over 2 hours from home so makes a great half way point and they have outlets and a real mall, at least compared to VT.

Monday I'll plan to call Robin and see how things are coming at the campground and see if we can get a date for heading out to camp. When we know that then we can figure out when to get the RV home, I'm so ready to be living in the RV, with the nicer weather just makes me antsy to get out to camp, have to remember it's VT and still April. Unlike my friends Mark and Nancy who are out in their new camper, only them and one other camper in the campground, I'm so jealous, soon though.

Need to get the house picked up in case a call comes for a showing while I'm in NY so time to get back to it. The blog is caught up, I've got my blog reading caught up so no excuse to stay on the computer.

Until next time...

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