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Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer work schedule

I spoke with Robin today, there is lots of work being done at the campground and much more to get accomplished, we will probably take a ride out this weekend and see what's going on, maybe give them a hand if they need it. The water test is being taken this week, I imagine once the results are in we can get a date to move out there, opening day is May 10th so not too much longer. I called her sister Tina also and talked about scheduling and work hour needs and expectations, told her I only want to work enough to cover our site. For now she has scheduled me for the weekends in the office\store that Dave is working at his job, I also told her since I'll be living there if someone needs me to cover their shift it usually wouldn't be a problem for me to come in. As the season progresses we'll see what other needs they have, since this is new for them and me we'll all learn together.

By the weekend the RV should be home, that will give us time to get things done on it and moved into, then a quick final clean on the house and we're out of here.

I'm going a bit stir crazy and anxious to get started with things, I haven't looked forward to a summer quite as much as this on in a long time. With a little luck this will be the start of our full timing lifestyle.

Until next time...

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