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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Update & An Intruder

What a difference a day makes, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, it amazes me how in a year our sphere of friends has grown over the last year, there is of course the friend we have known for years-most of our lives but in the last year we have added a few new circles to our lives there is the friends we have made through this blog, some of whom we've had the pleasure of meeting the rest we hope to someday somewhere. Then there is our Gulf Waters RV Resort (GWRVR) family that we have become friends with, many of them we keep in touch through Facebook and many of them live in the IL area, some of them have offered up places in their S&B's or some have offered hookups at their homes for our rigs. We got more than just a lot when we bought our lot this year, we have  All of the outpouring of care and concern has been greatly appreciated, thank you one and all. 
part of our new GWRVR family

Friday early evening Mom called, Dad is doing better and the immediate danger has passed, water is being drained off the heart. Test are to run to figure out why an infection is lingering and what damage has been done to the heart, I did talk with both of them and both said for me to stay put, we shall see what the happens over the next few days. I was working the evening shift when Mom called today so she left a message, it seems Dad has an enlarged heart and of course awaiting still more test results. So for now I'll stay home and wait to see what is needed.

Today didn't go quite the way it was planned, Dave left as usual for work bright and early, I settled in for some computer time. All was going well until I caught a movement in my peripheral vision, earlier I thought I had seen a movement but had chalked it up to a reflection or such,  I looked and saw a little furry body with big eyes looking at me then turning scurring back under the slide. I let out a surprised sound (read scream) that I'm surprised no one heard, thankfully the little body had a stripe so I was pretty sure it was the chipmunk hanging around here, but I don't like furry little things in my home. Time for a back story here, in February 2012 to escape the winter depression of VT we headed to the FL Keys for a few weeks, upon returning we found our bedroom had had mice taking advantage of our absence. For days and weeks we were finding birdseed piles throughout our closet and dressers, but by far the worst part that evening after a long day of driving as we were going to bed we found abundant evidence that the mice had been in our bed while we were gone. Needless to say I have no love for small furry rodents who find their way into my house, but mice trap setting doesn't fall into any of my job categories. Dave was called and told to get some thing to take care of this problem, we're still with out a second legal vehicle right now.

My Facebook post;
  Dave has come to rescue me from the chipmunk that found it's way inside the RV

Dave's Facebook post;
 Had to come home from work early today after getting a frantic phone call from my Queen saying she was being attack by a HUGE chick muck in the RV. So I drove the 50 minute home, on the way I picked up beer and mouse traps. I pulled up to the RV to find the Queen sitting on the deck with the door wide open hoping the critter would come out on it's own. The first thing I did was to comfort my Queen who shaking and in partial shock from her dramatic experience with the creature that was still in the RV, possible in her bed. After calming her and telling what the cost was gonna be for saving her, I started in on the dirty deed. I peaked in the door, scanning the terrain for any kind of unwanted intruders that my be lurking in the shadows. I check the whole RV and found nothing. So I set two traps and put a repelling shield around the RV that only lets in the desirables. I gave the Queen the high sign that her palace has been purged of the beast that was trying to harm her and of the protective measures I took to keep her safe. Now I want payment!!!!!!

Since it was such nice day Dave decided to not go back to work and enjoy some of the beers he picked up. While I went to work Dave took a slow stroll around the park and let the seasonal folks know about my traumatic morning, tonight was pot luck dinner night. Guess who took a lot of ribbing at dinner. 

The only place Dave saw that the chipmunk could have come in is through the seals, looks like some one got more that they expected.

So for now we will wait to hear what my folks need and hopefully we'll have no little new friends.

Until next time...


  1. Wonderful news to hear that your dad is doing better. Hope he will continue to steadily improve.

    Glad Dave saved the day and your palace has now been purged of that ferocious fiend! :-)

  2. Good news about your dad. He's exactly where he needs to be for now. They'll take good care of him :)
    Loved the furry critter story :)

  3. Glad to hear your dad is out of danger and that they are giving him good care. LOL at Dave's version of the story of the attack chipmunk. Super Hero saves the day. Too funny. What a great sense of humor. Hope the poor little fella gets out without becoming RIP. He really should know better than to wander into the Queens Palace.

  4. Glad to hear your dad's doing well. I'll take a chippie in the rig over a mouse any time.


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