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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where Did The Weeks Go, Much Less The Year

We have had a crazy few weeks getting settled in and catching up with a few friends. There has been rain just about every day since we arrived, they don't call VT the Green Mountain state for nothing, grass is finally starting to turn green, but the days have been cool and somewhat dreary.

Tuesday before we headed into Burlington we stopped at the Johnson Library so I could check out some real books, while here I will let my Kindle rest. Dave needed to stop at work to check in and make sure he had all the access he needed. mail needed to be picked up, a vehicle to get inspected and dinner with friends. We had a great evening catching up with our friends, made the start of some fun summer plans.

Found out neither the truck nor rv got registered correctly, both were to have the existing VT plates transferred to the new vehicles. One the paper work wasn't filled out properly and the other just ordered new plates, hopefully before to long we'll have the paper work fixed, always something, so for now we are down to one truck that is legally registered.

Wednesday we moved onto our seasonal site, they have just put down new pad material and some grass seed where some regrading took place, so the site will be a work in progress for a while.

Thursday was Dave's meeting with Heather, our own sweet hairdresser, she has been taking care of our family for 15 years. Dave only got his hair cut once this past winter, needless to say there was quite the deposit of hair on the floor when she got done with him. We stopped by Home Depot to pick up some tomato and herb plants, a stop at the grocery store, where we found we hadn't been forgotten. The afternoon was spent figuring out how our yard would look this summer, we have friends coming out with tents, with all the changes the site has undergone we get to choose the positioning of the fire pit. So hopefully the new grass in the yard will grow good and be coming in really nice in a few months when our visitors are here.

Thursday was also the first anniversary of our new lifestyle. When I pointed this out to Dave his first comment was where did the year go, we are so thankful we've been able to make such a life altering change at our ages. We have received so many words of encouragement from the folks we meet as we travel, most wish they had started earlier.

Friday was Dave's first day back to work, I got up bright and early too and rode in with him. It was almost like he was off to school for the first day, just wish he had a better sandbox to play in. My girlfriend Carol and I met for breakfast at the Parkway Diner in Burlington then we headed out for some shopping and errand running, after some serious dents to the wallet I ended up back at Carol's house visiting with her and her husband Mike until it was time to pick Dave up from work.

Saturday and Sunday had been rainy days here in VT, a small break in the early afternoons has allowed for some time finessing the placement of the containers for our soon to be garden. Some of the seasonal folks have started coming in, so many new ones this year but seems like a good bunch of folks. There appears there will be more people in the park during the weekdays, last year there were more younger seasonals who were only here on the weekends, with the amount here this summer we might have a bit more folks interested in some mid week gatherings. 

Monday, a dentist appointment for 3/4 crown for me, Dave going in for some OT, a little running around (returns from Fridays outing) and then a visit with my girlfriend Deb and her husband Les until time to pick Dave up.

Tuesday was the long awaited surgeon visit for Dave, only two options open to him, wear a boot for 6 weeks and see if it's better or major surgery and be off his feet for 6-8 weeks. He chose the lesser of the evils to start with, we show know in a few weeks if this is helping at all. After lunch I had to go back to the dentist, 45 min trip one way, the temporary crown the gave me came out.

Wednesday and Thursday Dave worked and I've been spending some time helping get the grounds and store ready for this weekends opening. We now have a few folks coming in this weekend, we have some friends coming out for visits and we have to get a few more things done around our site.

So I really don't know where the time has gone, if we're home and not working or outside I've been enjoying reading real books again. Catching up on all of my favorite novelists, it takes forever to get new books through our e-library and I've always been too cheap to buy books so I'm soaking in all the reading time I can. Since Dave is working and gone 14 or so hours on his work days I have plenty time to enjoy some serious reading.

Until next time...


  1. They say time flies when you are having a good time. I know this to be true. We've been on the road for 4 years and it seems like only yesterday that we started out. Tell Dave to be really careful with the boot business. I wore one for 6 weeks and had two years worth of problems afterwards with the problems being so out of alignment gave my hips and back. Love to hear what you are reading.

  2. Don't get me started on where time goes ... I surely don't know. It still feels like we just got back from our long vacation last year, and here it is almost at the mid-way point of the year. Congrats on the first year anniversary.

  3. Wondered about out with excessive steroid shots friend got messed up worse from them. I finally finished a book...not sure how reading gets on the back burner. Let us know the good reads! Sounds beautiful more day we move to our gig...hope they like us :)

  4. Welcome home! Best of luck to Dave. Hope the boot works for him. The alternative doesn't sound all that much fun.
    Enjoy your reads this summer. We rely on library ebooks :(


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