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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Settling In

One weekend involved lots of Switchback

As it rains I'm trying to figure out where the last 11 days have gone. We've entertained our friends, smoking a few things and drinking some local beers.

some really good smoked ribs

smoked chicken

Note to Dave-always take a second photo

We've reconnected with our original neighbors in VT, Doug and Dianne Zybrands were going to be in the area for a conference they were attending. Thanks to Facebook we stay in touch but we hadn't seen them a few years and they wanted to check out our new lifestyle. Our older sons had been good friends back in elementary school, our younger son Tom had a hard time saying their last names and always called them Mr & Mrs Eyebrows. We enjoyed the few hours we could spend with them.

Dave has been wearing his boot for most of the day and he does take it off at night though the doc said he should wear it to bed.  His heel does feel better but of course there are the side effects of walking unevenly. Other than working, getting plants planted and a few things done around the site Dave has been taking it easy as he should.

I have been getting a serious reading fix in, I was asked what I like to read, for the most part I read fiction-mystery, female authors with a female protagonist. Light hearted authors like Janet Evanovich, Sarah Graves and Diane Mott Davidson to J D Robb, Kathie Reichs and Dana Stabenow and lots others. I read for total enjoyment and escapism, I grew up with out a tv so I've been a member of one library or another all my life. Time to go get restocked.

my commute
I've spent some time working in the store over the past few weeks, some days there is just nothing going on, I always take a book with me to help make those days go by a little quicker. The campground has been quiet the first two weekends, only one or two sites occupied and the seasonal sites were slowly filling up. All that will change on Friday, we are booked solid for the holiday weekend and the weather doesn't look like it wants to play nice.We have just a few sites left for 4th of July and that's just because of cancellations, Labor Day weekend all of the best sites are spoken for and for the rest of the weekends we look to be busier than last year. We have a number of groups that have made reservations for various weekends, then with some of the special activities that are planned things look to be shaping up for a decent year.

their site just behind the bird bath

Talked with our friends from GA whom we visited back in March, they will be heading this way on Tuesday and should be here on Friday. Their site is just down the hill behind us, not too far to go for an afternoon adult beverages or two.

Grass is growing

Spring has come to Vermont, the leaves have come out and the grass is starting to grow. We've had a mix of rainy days mixed with days in the 70's, night time temps are staying above freezing and we haven't seen any white flakes coming out of the sky.

Got our first reservations made for the fall, we'll be spending a few nights in October at Comlara Park with our friends Mark & Nancy who live in northern IL. Our boys are planning visits to TX to see us this winter so we won't be putting on the miles like last year, we are also not getting to leave as early so once we leave IL we'll be heading southward, no westward states this winter.

Dave and I are off for the weekend but we'll be around the campground in case we are needed, our only plans are for Saturday evening when some of our friends come out for dinner and cards, I'm sure some of local brews will find a way to our table.

We hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day.

Until next time...


  1. I'm feeling sorry for Dave and the boot. Been there, done that and had a lot of after problems due to it. Sadly I broke my ankle a second time but that time I used crutches and had no after affects as difficult as 6 weeks on crutches was. Sounds like a busy summer for you guys. Time will fly and you'll be back on the road before you know it. Love Mr. and Mrs. Eyebrows!

  2. That plate of ribs makes my mouth water :) The chicken doesn't look too shabby either :)

    Tell Dave we hope he gets better quick! That boot will get pretty warm as the summer progresses.

  3. Ya need to be careful saying "smoking a few things" especially in Colorado LOL. Looks like you're all settled in for the summer. Glad to hear the white stuff hasn't been floating around....we sure can't say that. Yesterday we made it to one of my bucket list locations; the Maroon Bells near Aspen and could only do half the hike because of deep snow. Hope you have a fun holiday weekend :-)

  4. Glad to hear Dave's heel is starting to feel better.

  5. I saw you've been commenting on my blog lately, and decided to check out yours. Imagine my surprise and delight to see we have the same coach as you! We purchased the Solitude 369RL in January of this year and what an improvement over our Cougar. We love it so far.


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