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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reading-Making Plans

After closing on the house the following Saturday we found out Dave's leave of absence was approved :) So we'll be hitting the road for 6+ months starting mid October and coming back for May 1st, with a little luck we'll miss the cold weather.

For the last week if I wasn't working I was reading and just keeping low here at home. Recently I purchased 4 hardbacks which I have been saving, last week was it. With all the craziness that's been going on I decided to read a book which led to another, by the end of the week I had read all of them. Time to start a lending library here at the campground.

Dave worked through the 4th of July but had the 3 day following off. Most of our seasonal friends were in the park and we ended up getting invited to our first meal with some of them. Brent and Kathy provided a smoked brisket that Brent had spent the afternoon tending. Lots of good food, salads, roasted corn and watermelon made for plenty for all. At one point conversation turned to whether the evening would make the blog, of course I forgot the camera but there will be other dinners.

Dave finished up a project he has been working on, he got the horseshoe pits he's been working on in place and now they just need to be filled with sand. He then got to try his hand at a zero turn mower, soon he was zooming around the campground on a mission, looks like he's finding things to do around here too.

Saturday we had friends from Huntington out, they've been getting hammered but rain storms and wanted to get out of town for the day. Les & Deb had their shed moved about 20' by a feeder stream that ended up flooding a home after being blocked and diverted by a large tree. This was followed by the flooded stream crossing their property on it's way to the river. The river level had not reached the top yet, the feeder stream ended up entering the river behind a rock embankment, that had cost thousands of dollars to put in, taking most of the rocks downriver as it entered the river. One day in the near future they hope to be out of there.

Deb brought with her the finished quilt, words can't describe how beautiful it is. We were going for something that would remind us of the desert colors and the blue skies of  the west, well we got that and more. It brings so much color into the bedroom, wish I could get a good picture of it but that will have to wait till later. Thank you so much Deb, we'll take a part of you with us

Our friends Mike & Carol also came out bearing gifts of flowers, beer and grilling stuff, thanks guys. We spent the afternoon catching up then the girls hit the pool to cool down while the guys went inside the RV with the AC on to have a beer or two, all the while keeping an eye on the smoker. After a dinner of smoked salmon, chicken, pork ribs and beef ribs and various summer sides we started a fire. It was mortgage burning time which we wanted to celebrate with our good friends, after which we enjoyed their company long into the night.

Later in the evening another seasonal couple, Mike & Carol, joined us watching the Nascar race on our outside television. Turns out our friend Mike works with our seasonal camping friend Carol, now someone else to work on our friend Mike to get a camper, he'll be hearing about all the fun we have and want to join us even more. Don't know what time we called it a night but it was much later than we used to stay up, but of course we still woke up early (5:30) Sunday morning.

Sunday we started getting a handle on our travel plans, at least when we'll be seeing the kids. Looks like we'll be in IL for a few weeks, head to CO spend a week or so there then head to AZ where I think we're planning to be for Thanksgiving. Still working on where we want to be for Christmas, probably TX this year just where is now the question.

Not much else happening around here, a few days of work then Wednesday and Thursday are Dave's days off this week. We have my folks coming out for dinner Wednesday and I may catch up with a friend whose moving in the next day or so. Started walking again today, did 3 miles in 45 minutes, not bad considering I haven't exercised since April, time to get back on track and lose a few pounds picked up over the last few crazy months. 

Until next time...


  1. Looks like you are heading out soon too! Added you to my "follow" list! Exciting times for both of us... Not sure we are making reservation for winter...might just wander around. Not sure if that is a good plan or not yet...I'll have to search out some forums. Keep's a gross humid 90's day in central IL. Cool off coming end of the week to the best ever, 80's and no humidity!~cozygirl

    1. Thanks for commenting on our blog, welcome. Our weather has broken and the sun is out, the forecast is for sunshine after the last month of record rainfalls we deserve just a bit of sunshine. Just think we'll make reservation for the holidays then wing it the rest of the time.

  2. Congrats Dave! That's wonderful news about the LOA. Now you can do what you want to do. Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other in the South :)
    Things are good on this end...everything looking up and falling into place. We'll still be here for awhile, but everything is going to be fine. Thanks again for your support. BTW, we FINALLY ate the B&J's last week...super awesome! :) Stay in touch!

    1. Glad hear things are going well and B&J's always helps. Who knows where in the south we'll end up, it keeps changing day by day.


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