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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bittersweet but YAH!!!-We're houseless

The tittle sums it up, my girlfriend Rene left that comment on a FB  recently,i'ts just what I've been feeling lately. Thursday we had the walk through and then headed into town, decided to stop by the lawyers office and sign a power of attorney on the off chance we were not able to make it Friday. Our area was under a flood watch and the roads here have taken a beating lately, our most direct route into the Burlington area had road closures earlier this year so a POA assured we'd have our closing Friday.

Friday Dave headed to work at 5:30, the predicted 2"-3" of rain predicted had never materialized so at 6:55 I headed into town to pick up Dave and be to the lawyers by 8:30, by 9:30 we were out of there but with out a check. The buyers used Quicken loans and they hadn't wired in the money yet, we were assured it would be here but it was a bit disconcerting to leave with out money in our hands. I took Dave back to work, then tried to call my girlfriend Carol, since I didn't connect with her I pulled into a parking lot and called my brother. Andy and I talked for a bit about all the changes going on with each of us and our folks, Andy and his family have some changes going on too so exciting times for everyone.

I finally caught up Carol and her daughter Sam at Barnes and Noble, since I had to stay in town waiting for our check we decided to head to lunch at Olive Garden. After a enjoyable lunch with good food and company but no phone call Carol and I decided dress shopping was in order since we were both looking still looking for dressed to wear to up coming weddings. My luck was better today than previous times and I finally found one, now one more for the other wedding-sure wish the wedding weren't for the same family. While shopping I got the phone call that our check was ready, after dropping off Carol and Sam I picked up the check, went to get Dave's signature and then headed to the bank. I finally arrived home at 4:30, the last long day that I should have to put in for awhile. Dave arrived home around 7, we had a frozen pizza to celebrate then took a walk around the campground to share the news with our friends here.

So we are houseless and loving it, the stress is gone from our lives for the most part, the only stress in Dave's life is work but even that is lessened with out the house.  Life is good and now for the next chapter of it.

Until next time...

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