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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I remember when working at the bank most conversations with customers started with a discussion of the weather so I thought I would start with the weather today. This past week in amongst the heat and humidity we've had a few fun stormy late afternoons. Wednesday evening while working the skies turned a dark grey, the winds came in with a roar and  lightning started dancing out in the field. Around 6:30 the power went out and I closed up the store, since I had walked to work I decided to wait for Dave to get back from work instead of walking, I had forgotten my keys-don't need them to close-so I sat on the front porch since all the other porches were getting drenched. Dave arrived a little after 7pm, now I knew we had gotten some good wind gusts and when we got back to our site we saw our tenting neighbors packing their electronics into their car. Mind you these folks were suppose to be  here for a month so they were here with the necessities in life, 32" TV, laptop and AC (yep AC in a tent) so their tent was full of stuff. Mother Nature is a force to reckon with when tent camping for sure, these folks had tied a tarp over their screen room and connected it to the tent, the wind came up under the tarp and picked up the screen room and slammed it back down, never saw the tenters again that night. Thursday afternoon the folks came back and cleaned up stuff, put the tent to rights and left once again for the rest of the day and night. Friday we were driving between Stowe and Morriseville when we got caught in another storm, we were following a travel trailer toy hauler which was getting tossed around a bit by the high winds, surprised he never pulled over. After following him for awhile, watching pine trees bending and dodging falling branches we found a place to pass and finally made it back home. As we drove to our site we were dodging debris on the camp road, seems the same storm hit Maplewoods too, our smoke blew over, tomato plants were bent over and while our awning survived the spring holding it down is now 3 times it's normal length. All in all we fared okay, tents were lost along with awnings  and screen rooms. Our neighbors tent was all in a ball with the only thing keeping it from blowing away totally was the ac inside it and the picnic table it couldn't get through.

 These folks stopped by Saturday to let us know they would be coming in next week to pick up the site, since they've paid for the month some family members may use it if the weather permits.

Thursday afternoon Robin got a call that the Johnson Historical Society who were suppose to provide pies for our pie day had double booked and wouldn't be bringing pies, the job fell to Robin and I to pull this together in just a few days. Friday's forecast was for another hot and humid day, not the kind of day you want to bake numerous pies on, but bake we did. Maple cream pie, pumpkin pie, toll house chocolate chip pie,  strawberry cream pie, frozen banana cream pie and chocolate pie were all prepared on Friday in 90+ temps, think we lost a few pounds even with the slices we taste tested. Saturday we had a decent turn out and sold a number of slices during the day, by the end of Saturday I was exhausted, we decided to stay in and called it an early night.

Dave's been saying he wants to be on a beach for Christmas so Sunday was spent hammering out some of or itinerary for this  winter. We have made some state park reservations where it seemed like we might have trouble getting a spot, we've also made AZ and TX reservations. We will be visiting the Phoenix area the week of Thanksgiving so made some reservations at a "resort" park.  We will be staying in Goodyear AZ, which is a half hour or so from our son in Surprise, at Destiny RV Resorts-Phoenix. For Christmas we want to be stationary for awhile so we've made reservations at another "resort" our present to ourselves. We will be staying mid December through late January at Gulf Waters RV Resort-Port Aransas TX on Mustang Island, it has it's own boardwalk to the Gulf, so we should be walking on the beach on Christmas day.

We're now back into our week of more work days than days off but tomorrow is our last visit with my folks until we see them in Oct at their new home in IL.

Until next time...


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Day plan. :) We have reservations at the same place for the month of March. Have you been there before?

    1. Nope haven't been there before, Dave found them online and they had good reviews so we booked site 620, what site are you in. When do you leave NY, about 10 weeks and we are out of here, to say we are ready is an understatement, it's been a crazy year.

    2. We are booked for Site 311, which is right on one of the ponds. When I booked it, they said it was the last one available for the month of March.

      We actually just heard from Amazon this morning, and will be heading south the second week of September. Just what we had hoped.


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