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Monday, July 15, 2013

Small World-Reservations

Wednesday was another wet dreary day like the past thirty or so have been. Record amounts of rain have fallen in VT this summer, the infrastructure is taking a pounding, every where we drive there are signs of roadbeds succumbing to the relentless water. I managed to get a mile walk in before the rain started back up.

My folks came out for their last visit before their move to IL, since the weather wouldn't play nice we decided to go to a local restaurant in Lowell VT about 15 miles north of us. Hidden Country Restaurant is funky little place where I again forgot to take my camera, since we'll be going back hopefully I'll remember it next time. The menu is made up of comfort food and on Friday nights they do a fish fry which we plan to get back to before we leave. After enjoying dinner and visiting with my folks Dave and I were waiting outside when my dad called us back in, seems we were in for another small world moment which all came about because my dad recognized a train photo. My dad is a huge model railroad guy and has an extensive collection and knowledge of steam engines, the photo he recognized was taken near Dave's hometown in Beacon NY, my dad knew the steam engine and where on the track it was at the time the photo was taken. It seems our waitress Barb was from Beacon NY a block away from where Dave grew up. I recently "met" Karen of Gone By RV, she's also from Beacon. It always amazes me sometimes how small the world is, there's the bikers we met from VT at a rest area near Devil's Tower or the guy out walking his dog when we were in OR who was from a nearby VT town.

Thursday was made up of errands, talking with our son David and puttering around the campground. The afternoon was also the start of some nice weather, humidity came in with a vengeance. So nice to have a pool to take a quick dip in and not have to worry about the upkeep of.

Friday started off with a 3 mile walk, and afternoon researching ideas for Oct. We're crashing a camping trip our friends Mark and Nancy are going on with some of their family. We're not in the same section but they say there are usually some walk ups available. So reservations are made at for Oct 16,we have to be in Fulton IL by Oct 15, now to figure out the departure date. It was also a work day and since I do the afternoon-evening shift it was check in day and we were just about full, by the end of the day we were with some last minute reservations. Lots of folks deciding at the last minute to get out camping while we had some nice weather. In between checking folks in ice cream sales were brisk and the pool had lots of people cooling off in it, too many for me to want to go in the ac was welcome relief when I got home.

Saturday I got my walk in again before the heat took over, I'm trying to get out around 7am before the sun and humidity get going. It was then another afternoon-evening shift, we had a few check ins but my time was mostly spent scooping ice cream and cleaning up from scooping ice cream, gets a bit messy in the hot weather. The pool was filled to the max, ran out of large bags of ice firewood, lots of people having a good time and one of the nicest weekends this season so far.

Sunday morning shift and lots of people stopping to pay for ac use, electric meters must of been getting a work out. Most everyone one was gone by noon and sigh of relief was heard around the campground, a few people in the pool, slow ice cream sales things were quieting down,. My day was spent deadheading the hanging petunias we have around the store porch. At 3 I headed home cooled down in the ac, after a bit I headed back down to the store to see how crowded the pool was, after a bit one of the other full time seasonals and I went for a swim. About an hour later a few kids showed up and Lucille and I decided we had had enough.

Today I've walked 3 miles, sat at the neighbors and visited for an hour, caught up on all of the blogs I follow and have not gotten the blog caught up. Dave should be home soon, it's an OT day for him so he'll leave when he's had enough. They've given him a new nickname at work, Squirrel-he's stashing his nuts for winter-what's really funny is a friend of ours recently started a nut company called Squirrel Stash Nuts which are really good.

I know this is just our everyday life right now but come back at the beginning of October when we head out for a 6+ month tour. For now the blog will be a place for me to keep track of what's going on in our life and for those interested to keep up with us. I have found the older I get the less I remember so documenting things will be a big help when looking back.

Until next time...

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  1. I'm dreaming of one of those toasted coconut cones right about now... :)


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