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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KY-Biding Our Time

our first site #7
 Last Thursday we moved to Nolin Lake State Park in KY, this area is considered Cave Country. In 2011 there was massive flooding that shut the park down for the season, water was so deep it covered the gate house, there are markers on some of the light poles to show how high the water was, looks like they're 15-20' up the light pole. There is a COE dam here but flooding was already occurring down river so they couldn't release any water in the lake. Because of all the flooding the campground has been redone and the electric and water hookups are all new, the dump station and bathhouses have all been redone too.
our lakeside site #25

The park is off the beaten path, the closest
Walmart is 30 miles away, there are a few small grocery stores closer but we're definitely off the beaten path. Our Dish satellite works fine and we are on Verizon extended network so our internet is a slow, but what a nice place to be for our last week long stay until we reach VT. When we made our reservations there was nothing on the lake for the whole time, with the changes we had to make because of our quick trip to IL we were able to get a site on the lake from Sunday on, so once again we have moved during a stay.
site 25

We thought about taking the canoe out below the dam, while most of the ride would be with the current the last mile or so would be in a larger river and all up river, with the rains they've had here recently the river is very full and running really fast so that's out.

We've gone into town one day to restock at Walmart, other than that we've just been taking short walks around the campground and enjoying our last few weeks of freedom. There are mountain bike trails around the park but again with all the rain they are very muddy, so we've both been kicking back, I've been doing a lot of reading and Dave has been on the computer. The temps have been nice so we just hung around the campground over the weekend, met some of the local campers and got lots of doggie fixes.

lots of roads around here have this sign

 We tried to hit up some caves but the one we chose was closed when we got there, we then headed over to Mammoth but decided against spending money on the tours we had already done.

some of them had ferries just don't try taking the rv on it

1953 1st model year

2014 model year

We ended up in Bowling Green at the National Corvette Museum. Earlier this year a sinkhole developed in the room that displayed some of there priceless 'vettes,  some will be repaired but others are beyond that.

 Before and after of the 2009 Pace Car

During our ride we our brakes started making some not so good noises, after we got home Dave looked at them, he then started calling around for replacement parts, we need a new caliper, rotor and shoes. As soon as they are in we will be making another drive to Bowling Green for the parts, one of the advantages of having two vehicles, we're not stuck with out wheels when one of them is being repaired.  We found an O'Reilly's Auto Store in Bowling Green that was able to get the parts for us, Dave took off the old caliper, the next day we headed into Bowling Green and $178 later we were headed home and soon there after were good to go. We've had the Honda Ridgeline since they came out in 2006 it has 136K miles on it and has had no real issues over the years just normal maintenance. We even have guys who want it when we are done with it, Dave isn't ready to give it up yet though.

It takes all kinds, there is MH here, they came in the other day looking for their site, since no one had put out names on the site post they didn't know which one was theirs, just that they had one reserved. I don't know about anyone else but I try to know what site number I have reserved. They finally found out which one was theirs then went around the one way loop the wrong way so they could pull in the parking area to unhook their car trailer. The next day they then moved their car trailer into the driving lane in the parking area took their car off and have left the trailer sit in the parking areas roadway for the last few days. In our walks around we have seen that they also have their sewer hose hooked up (water and electric sites only) and hopefully only using it for their grey tanks. Like I said it takes all kinds.

In less than two weeks we'll be back in VT getting ready to work the summer through. We made some summer plans, attending a concert at the local fairgrounds with my best friend from high school. This is something we've done for many years while living in our house, she would come up from southern NY and we'd attend a concert at the fair. This year her and her husband will be coming to our campground in VT, there is room on our site for a tent so they'll be roughing it a bit, I did promise her I'd leave the door open so she could use the facilities during the night. It'll be great to show them how we live and to spend time doing what we've enjoyed doing together for years. Just heard from our friends in VT and they had 3" of snow last night, the only good thing about it is it slowed down the flooding a bit, hope that's it for the season.

So that's been our week here, we've enjoyed our stay here even if there isn't much to do in this small state park, tomorrow we head for another small KY state park, Blue Licks Battlefield State Park about 48 miles north of Lexington.

Until next time...


  1. Wow that header shows you to be in a mighty fine spot. Can't get any more water front than that. Sorry to hear you have our "excessive water paddling woes". Sorry to about the loss of those gorgeous vintage cars to a sinkhole. We've seen a lot of them in Florida. Hope the snow and flooding are gone before you get back to VT.

  2. That "road ends in water" cracks me up every time I see it :)
    Glad you're having an uneventful trip back to VT. We are currently enjoying Gunter Hill and I like it as much this time as the last. We don't have any free entertainment (yet) but we love our site and this park. No entertainment necessary :)
    Safe travels!

  3. That state park looks lovely ... very reminiscent of the COE parks we've stayed in. Even letting your grey water run out of the sewer hose is a big no-no in my book.

  4. We saw a ferry like that by Cave in the Rock on the IL side I think. Glad you are hitting such great parks.... Have our grandson and enjoying our fires! HAPPY EASTER you two!


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