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Monday, April 21, 2014

Blue Lick Battlefield State Park + Queen-King-Queen

Last Thursday we pulled into Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park in KY, the campground was okay just had to watch what site we took. No pull through sites and no way to stay hitched if we had wanted to. The first site we tried would have been fine except for the low hanging wires but we found another one but that one had the services on the door side. Oh well it was only for a few nights and what with the road noises we ended up not sitting outside much. A lot of the sites are nice, especially if you can get the services on the correct side and are not a 40' long 5th wheel.

Blue Licks Battlefield State Park also has a lodge with a dining room, rooms for non campers to stay in, cottages and a pool. Their Pioneer Museum was closed due to renovations, it appears to be a popular place during the summer even if the campground leaves a bit to be desired.

Blue Licks Battlefield State Park has a long history, from prehistoric time to to the Revolutionary War. The area was once a salt lick which through time attracted prehistoric animals to eventually settlers that came to the area. It is the site of Kentucky's last battle of the Revolutionary War where Daniel Boone fought a losing battle with French Canadians and local Indians. On site is the Tanner Station,
a reproduction of a small trade station known to have been at the spring in 1784. Early documentation shows David Tanner settled the lower Blue Licks in the summer of 1784.

Friday we took a ride into Lexington in search of a new mattress, after 2 months the king that came with the rv was getting really bad. I knew when we changed rigs I didn't want to keep the queen tempurpedic mattress we had, with my nightly power surges that mattress was just exasperating them. Unless we special ordered or went to Camping World we knew we wouldn't be getting another king, didn't have time for a special order and Camping World would be a lot of dollars for a lesser quality than we could get in a good queen. We came home with a 12" queen memory foam with an euro top. It's quite interesting getting in and out of it but man does it sure sleep good. So in the span of a year we've gone from king (house) to queen back to king and now back to a queen, it is much easier to make the bed now with the queen and there's a bit more room in the bedroom, very happy with the choice we made.

Friday afternoon we spent time with our neighbors Dale and Melissa and their border collies Max and Maddison. Melissa would like to full time someday and Dale is slowly coming on board with the idea, we spent time talking with them about our lifestyle, gave them a tour of our rig inside and out and shared our love of the lifestyle. Dale even came over Sunday morning while we hitched up to see how easy it is. Since it was the last day in our Verizon monthly plan and we had a gig left we got to Skype with some friends in VT, we are really looking forward to getting back and seeing everyone, think our friends are ready for us to come back too.

Saturday was a kick back day, we did take a 2.5 mile walk on one of the trails here, forgot the camera but there wasn't much to photograph anyway. It may have not been the best idea for Dave's foot,he ended up with ice afterwards, we really look forward to getting his bone spur taken care of because this walk did show us how out of shape we are. May 6th we should know more as that's when he has an appointment with the surgeon.

Sunday we headed to OH, we are now at Hocking Hills State Park, we paid for 2 nights but will probably on Monday we added 2 more nights to our stay. When we got here we weren't sure how the cell and satellite would be so didn't want to commit to 4 days right up front, but since all are working good we'll add a few days then Thursday head to north east Ohio for three nights before making a 2 day push to VT.

This post is already way too long so I'll end here.
Until next time...


  1. I'l be interested in what Ohio park in the east you stay in since we'll be there on our way to Michigan in late May. I'm with you in preferring the queen and the room it gives in the bedroom. Hope Dave can get that foot taken care of. Sounds like no fun at all. We are in the two day push back to our home state. But we'll only be there two weeks before heading out again. Safe travels!

  2. Oh the days of power I remember those! Can't wait till Dave can get that foot fixed up...been a long haul! Wishing you were here at Bo Woods...maybe next Fall we can meet up! Loved those waterfalls...

  3. Ah, I see you're getting closer to your destination. Hope you're enjoying some spring blossoms along the way.

  4. I'm curious how you were able to switch from a king to a queen. Isn't the base king sized? If we switched to a queen mattress, we'd have a bare platform all around the mattress. Your platform must be different than ours.

    Safe travels back and good luck to Dave and that foot!

    1. Yes the base is king sized and we do have bare platform around the base, we have a king size comforter that covers it for now, though Dave is considering cutting it when we get to VT. If we ever went back to a king bed we'd have to add a new sheet of plywood.


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