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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Goodbye AL On to TN

 While we enjoyed our time in AL our last campground, Point Mallard Campground in Decatur, was a bit of a disappointment, guess we've gotten used to the nicer state and COE parks.  The sites were close together and ours had trash all over the place, oh well it was only for 5 nights and a few of the days were rainy. One nice thing about the park was the bike trail they had so we got out as much as we could on the bikes.

Part of our bike ride was around the golf course, we found this sign amusing.

We had a rainy drive from Gunter Hill so we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. We finally made it to a Mellow Mushroom restaurant, what a variety of different pizzas they had and Dave got to enjoy some Fat Tire on tap. We look forward to visiting them again when we find one in an area we are in.

One day we headed to Huntsville to the US Rocket and Space Center where they house a few Saturn V rockets and have a great museum. There were many great displays and lots of folks willing to share what they knew.

Another day we took a ride to Florence AL to visit The Rosenbaum House by Frank Lloyd Wright we have been to Taliesin East in Spring Green WI a few years ago and were interested to see if we would like this one better. While I understand the concept he was going for some of his ideas just didn't seem practical.

While in the Florence area we took a ride to Tuscumbia to the Cane Creek Canyon Preserve, though we didn't have the correct shoes (nor was Dave's foot up for it) to hike to the canyon we took a short walk to the waterfall there. If we are ever back in the area and able to we want to go back to hike some of the trails there. 

We are currently at Cedar Creek COE in Mt Juliet TN on the east side of Nashville. This is a very small campground with sites on Old Hickory Lake. Because of our timing when making a reservation we were not able to get into some of the other nearby COE campground nor were we able to get a site on the water. In spite of that we are really glad to be back in a COE park instead of a private campground.

We have the bird feeder out and are enjoying watching all the birds who are attracted to it.  

We've already found the local Camping World, we were in search of a light bulb to replace the one that went out in one of our pendant lights over the island. The bulb is basically an automotive bulb and the auto store we stopped in could order one for $17, at Camping World we found 2 for $2, now we even have an extra. On our way home the temp on our truck was at 88 life doesn't get too much better than that. While here my folks will be stopping over on their route to IL from FL where they have been wintering over with my aunt.

Until next time...


  1. I'm with you on preferring the state parks and COEs whatever site I can get. They just make me feel more relaxed with their natural surroundings. Thanks for the tip on Cane Creek Canyon. I'll look it up and see if it might be on our way somewhere to or from.

    1. Thought of you while we were there, seemed like a place you'd like just wish we were able to do more of a hike there.

  2. I wondered about that park and access to Nashville...we are whimps and try to skip going through there which isnt easy to do...

  3. Loved the sign :) Before you know it, they won't allow us to golf on the lake either! :)

  4. That sign is hilarious!

    Never been to a Mellow Mushroom, but there's one in our vicinity. From the looks of your pictures, we need to try it out!


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