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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

Ours days have settled into a routine here at Gulf Waters, we've trained ourselves to sleep in till 7am. For us that is late, for the last 20+ years we've been early risers usually in the 5am time frame, we're even staying up later for us, we've seen 10pm more in the last few months than we did in a year. By the time coffee and Pepsi's are done a walk on the beach or around the park is in order, both which could take a few hours depending on who how many folks we run into. Dave then usually goes to Mustang Island State Park for a few hours of fishing while I stay home and either go for a bike ride or power walk, which is usually on the beach wind permitting. Before we know it it is time for dinner and another walk around the park followed by computer or tv time. We've spent a few evenings in the hot tub and are now waiting for them to fix the pump, we usually don't have anyone joining us maybe it's been too cold for them, oh well not for us.
On one of our morning walks
windy day on the Gulf

Pelicans at Goose Island State Park
One day we did head down to Rockport for their market, not as many vendors as were in Goliad maybe next month when more winter Texans are here. Afterwards we headed to Goose Island State Park where I imagine we'll go for a short stay once we leave here. We looked at some places to stay in Rockport but didn't find anything we thought we might like for 3 months, guess we've become spoiled here, though we are looking forward to being in the state parks again.

One of the ponds here at Gulf Waters

Spent Monday trying to make some deserts for our Christmas Eve party, things take so much longer with such a small oven and fridge. It's been interesting to say the least but hopefully things will taste good, tried some new recipes, a Red Velvet Cheesecake Mini Pies and Mini Grasshopper Cheesecakes. After the party we are gathering with some new friends for a little while and then we'll all get together again for dinner on Christmas Day.

Our neighbors DuWayne and Jackie whom we'll be celebrating the holidays with

The turtle Dave saved, he was trying to cross the street here in the park so Dave gave him a hand

Then entertainment in the pond by our site. The Blue Heron is Harvey and he's having lunch.


I have missed seeing the Christmas lights, I used to so enjoy them on my ride home from work, Monday night we took a ride along part of Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi to see the lights.        

Thanks Dad

                                                                 Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. I'm really encouraged about possibly wintering in Texas seeing you in shorts by the water. I had thought it would be too cold. Looks like you are set up for wonderful Holidays! Merry! Merry!

    1. Some folks think it's too cold for shorts, shoot no one but Dave is in a tank top guess it's all in the blood. Some days we do need jackets, inland it does stay a bit warmer. Mustang Island State Park is nice, no trees and the campground is just over the dunes. Goose Island State Park has two sections, one directly on the bay-probably really windy and one area in the trees with a short bike ride to the bayside area. There are only two private parks on Mustang Island, the rest seem to be in Port A or Rockport off in the town a bit, lots of choices.

  2. we enjoyed our one month stay in Rockport last year... if you like oysters that is the place to be, go watch the oyster boats come in around 4:00 pm

    1. We are enjoying the stay here on the island, looking forward to next year when we'll be here for a longer time. I'll let Dave know about the oysters, give me a steak any day.

  3. Looks like you are really enjoying the park and the area. Great pictures of the lights in Corpus. Merry Christmas!

    1. We are, since we have to be west again next year we're already looking forward to that. Making some great new friends.

  4. Great Christmas lights. Glad you're enjoying the coast and the weather is warm.


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