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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas & Hanging around

Gulf Waters RV Resort had a Christmas Eve party, lots of good food and a fun time talking, getting to know some of the other folks here at the park. Our contribution was Mini Grasshopper cheesecakes and Red Velvet cheesecake cupcakes, of course both were topped with real whipped cream. In the evening we got together with two other couples for some late evening eating. Jean-Marc and Nancy had prepared some salt cured salmon and trout which Dave enjoyed immensely.

Christmas Day was quiet with phone calls to the family in the morning out of the way we enjoyed a morning walk around the park. This is our first time celebrating the holidays on the road so it was strange not getting ready for a gathering of family and friends, instead we were heading to our neighbors for dinner, everyone brought their own steaks and something to share. We brought blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, we had tried these at our sons home and loved them.The day had started out with beautiful weather but about the time the steaks went on the grill it started to drizzle so we all moved inside. Thank you DuWayne and Jackie for having us over.

The last few days we've just been hanging out doing our thing, nothing too exciting but so glad to be here rather than in VT where they've suffered with the cold and a few ice storms. Biking, walking and fishing (or rather feeding the fish) have kept us busy.

Some brave souls trying to get some surfing in

Next years site, it doesn't back up to a pond, with a rear kitchen it doesn't matter to us. On our door side we will have no neighbors just the boardwalk to the beach.

Today the rains have come and the temps haven't gotten out of the 40's so we are just hanging out at home. We have started getting our itinerary figured out for when we leave here, we are planning on being in Houston during their RV show, Dave has an uncle who lives in Houston so we'll also see them. We have a few more TX state parks planned and a few private parks taking us through most of February and into Louisiana.

We will keep our Christmas decorations up till New Years Day which has been our tradition but today we took the icicle lights off the rv, at night when the wind blows it sounds like an ice storm going on. 

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  1. Your dinner contributions sound wonderful! Hope our paths cross sometime so we can sample those tasty concoctions.

    Cute Christmas ornament!

  2. That really looks like an awesome park!

    I just got the recipe for the bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed dates from my MIL. She says they're wonderful...I can hardly wait to try them.

    Happy New Year Faye and Dave!

  3. Happy New Year to you both! Love the water pictures and the birds in the sky! Looks like a great park. I'd like to have a nice spot like that to winter over in Texas but not sure about temps that don't get out of the 40's. LOL

  4. Nice to be on water I'm where is this park? You sharing...looks sweet and I think TX in our cards next winter. You've got a good plan for the next chapter...and yes, where ever let's just stay out of the freezing temps and SNOW! Miss it a hike and I think I'd be over it :O) Happy New Year!

  5. We're in San Antonio, TX. Let us know if you're in the neighborhood! We'd love to meet you.

    Susan & Bob


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