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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Time

 Today is our last day in Phoenix, we have enjoyed spending time with our son and getting to know his wife, what a wonderful couple they make.We spent Thanksgiving day at their home, Laura had to work a 12 hour shift at Starbucks so it was up to David to get dinner ready. We arrived around 2pm at David's request just in case he needed help with anything, we all know his friend Jim's cooking skills or lack thereof. He had things under control, our help was needed when he had to go pick up Laura, all that was required of us what putting things in the oven and keeping an eye on them.
 By the time they got back the bacon wrapped stuffed with blue cheese dates were ready and the sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole would be ready right on time. Everything turned out great, it was such a treat not being responsible for the whole meal, David now has a new appreciation for all of the holiday dinners he enjoyed growing up.

 After dinner we taught Laura how to play Mexican train, a game that has been played in our house for years. We finished the evening off with a pecan and pumpkin pie which were my first attempt at pies in the rv, should have left them in the oven a bit longer but the homemade whipped cream made up for any deficiencies. We have so much to be thankful for, wonderful sons who have found great partners, the ability to live this great lifestyle, good friends all over the country and so much more.
David & Jim-best friends since 1997

Friday we did a little exploring of some of the areas rv parks, out of the six we looked at only one intrigued us. Most of the ones we saw were made up largely of park model homes with tight sites, the only one that intrigued us was Deserts Edge "The Purple Park" which is small and family owned. A few of the folks here at Destiny Phoenix have stayed at Deserts Edge and had great things to say about it, they come here now for the nearness to friends. We maybe coming back here next winter, David and Laura are having their wedding ceremony here in October so we might be making another cross country trip again next year.

Saturday we headed to the farmers market in Goodyear, small but found a few things we couldn't do with out. On our way home we had to stop at a grocery store. There we saw a Christmas tree lot getting set up, we talked with the gentleman who was getting things set up. He is a full timer and has been doing this for 10 years, another idea to generate income next winter.

Saturday ended with our last visit with David & Laura, they both work Sunday so this was our goodbye visit. After a wonderful couple of hours of eating and talking it was time for goodbyes and tears afterwards. 

We enjoyed our time here and have met lots of friendly folks here at Destiny, after looking at the other parks we might just consider staying here again. We've taken advantage on a number of evenings of the hot tub, we've ridden along the canal for miles and overall it has been a great experience. Tomorrow we head to Kartchner Caverns State Park for four nights, the weather is suppose to get cold the scarf and hat Laura knit for me may just come in handy. Friday we will start driving to southern TX we hope to revisit Caverns of Sonora and take a quick visit into San Antonio to see the riverwalk decorated for the holidays.

Until next time...


  1. So glad you had a good visit. Dave and David certainly cannot deny each other. They look like twins! :) David and Laura look like a very happy couple. Great picture of them!
    Bacon wrapped, cream cheese filled dates has me intrigued...Sounds yummy !

    1. One's just a little grayer :), the dates were delicious, can't wait to try making them.

  2. Really nice pictures of all of you. David and Laura look very happy. Nothing's more important than that. Glad you got to spend the time with them. Sure looks like you had a lot of fun.

    1. We did have a good time, Laura is a lot like Dave so David and I would sit back and listen to the two of them going on and on about things and roll our eyes at each other.

  3. Love the first picture of Dave and David -- looks like the guys have got everything under control. :-) Great family pictures!

  4. Love the family photos! Looks like you had a great time. Sorry we couldn't get together this time, but we are looking at staying here again next year, so maybe we'll meet up then (if not before!)


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