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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oops & Anxious

Yesterday I forgot to take my cell phone with me when I left the RV, I had put it on the charger then left with out remembering to pick it up. When I returned I did check and see I had missed a few phone calls from Dave, well I finally caught up with him, he was on his way home to check on me since he couldn't get me on the phone. I've never been one to have my cell phone with me all the time but now am trying to learn to pick up when I'm alone and leave the RV.

Got a phone call from the buyers, they can get in to do the inspection tomorrow. In a few more days we should be feeling much better, very anxious and my nerves are on edge. With a 33 year old house you just never know what to expect.

I've been down helping out at the store doing some last minute cleaning and getting ready for opening day tomorrow. An older couple is now staying here at the campground so we don't have the place to ourselves anymore. There are just a handful of reservations for the weekend but Memorial Day is booked solid. I would imagine the other holidays will book up too before to long. Since Dave was home a bit early yesterday :) he went down and helped Robin get her internet connection going, SuperDave to the rescue.

Weather has been beautiful for the last few weeks but of course this weekend the weather is taking a turn for the worse with rain and cold temps. Can't begrudge the rain though, the farmers (and the new grass seed planted here) need it just hope the Memorial Day weekend has a better forecast.

Until next time...

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