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Saturday, September 10, 2016

61 Day Alaska Caravan: Day 55-61

September 4-10, 2016

Day 55

Only 309 mile to travel today, a nice ride and for the most part on roads we’ve already traversed. An overnight stop in Nugget City at Baby Nugget RV Park. We are in the wooded area and it’s actually quite nice, water and electric only and no cell signal so no wifi, but a few cable channels.

Great spot for lunch

 Not bad for an overnight stop
Day 56

Today our drive was a 197 miles long, since most of it was on the Cassiar Highway the going was slow. The Cassiar Highway is a narrow 2 lane road, at the moment most of it has no line stripes, a bit of construction here and there but all in all not a bad road. Not many towns but lots of beautiful scenery. We arrived at our destination, Mt Shadow RV Park in Iskut, about 2pm. While the park itself is nice, there is no Verizon reception or cable tv. There is a long list of don'ts in their hand out and nothing about being welcomed to their park.

 Day 57

Today's drive was 193 miles, finally made it to the end of the Cassiar Highway. We arrived in Stewart BC around 1pm, our campground is Bear River RV Park which we are sharing with the Fantasy RV Caravan group. The park is nice enough if only the rain would quit.

After our travel meeting we headed out to dinner with our friends Jack & Dixie to a place in Hyder AK called The Bus.

Next to Stewart BC is a little slice of Alaska, Hyder AK known for it's bear viewing along the Bear River. 

 Day 58

This morning we headed out for some nature viewing. Our first stop was the Hyder dump where we found a momma bear and her cub.

Later when we came back to town we found what we think was the same momma bear and cub. 

Our friends Liz & Mike have a motorhome and tow a jeep so today they took us for a ride up to Salmon Glacier.

On our way out of Hyder we stopped at the Boundary Gallery for some fudge, it's right across the street from the Glacier Inn.

Late afternoon we stopped back at the Glacier Inn so Dave, Mike & Liz could get "Hyderized", one of us, me, had to stay sober so we could get back into Canada.

The Glacier Inn was opened in 1956 by this woman's parents. During the summer (tourist) season they are open everyday, by the dead of winter they only open on Friday evenings. 

Round two for the boys. 

Another one of those places with walls lined with money.

Day 59

Today's drive was 212 miles of rain, scenery beautiful scenery but too much rain to get any good pictures. We are finally back into civilization, our overnight stop was at Fort Telkwa a few miles south of Smithers BC.

Day 60

Up and on the road early, 225 miles to go, rain most of the way but the roads get progressively better. We got into Prince George in time to accomplish a few things. A stop at Costco while pulling the RV, not something we usually do but we managed it successfully. Onto our campground, Southpark RV and then a trip back out to Walmart for a few groceries
and Petro-Canada for fuel. Since we will be heading back into Banf NP soon we wanted to take advantage of shopping to restock. Back at the RV we got a cheesecake going in the oven and baby back ribs rubbed for our dinner tomorrow.

Our farewell dinner was held at Fore Bistro which is at a local country club. Dinner was great and the presentation put on by our wagon masters was a great recap of our trip.

Day 61

One final breakfast with our caravan family. Hugs, tears and see you down the roads, what a great group of new friends we have. The caravan adventure is over, time to get back to real life again. I will post in the next few days our thoughts of traveling with a caravan.
The End

Until next time...


  1. Love the final picture! Looks like you had a great time in Stewart/Hyder, getting Hyderized, bear viewing and Salmon Glacier.... we really enjoyed that area.

    1. Hyder/Stewart was one of our favorite places.

  2. I want a top food, top sights, and top whatever. I'll never get to go there but love to hear your favs!

  3. I want a top food, top sights, and top whatever. I'll never get to go there but love to hear your favs!

  4. Cant wait to hear all your stories! Love that last pic, great capture!

    1. We both have some tales to tell, see you tomorrow.

  5. Bittersweet I'm sure. Great adventure. Love the photos. New friends, new places. That's what it's all about. Congrats.

    1. It is bittersweet, fortunately we have one more day with some of our great new friends.


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