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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

61 Day Alaska Caravan: Day 49-51

August 29-31, 2016

Day 49

Today's drive was 255 miles to Tok, some of the route we had already traveled and we stayed at Tok RV Village when we were here the first week of August. The road between Glenallen and Tok were some of the roughest yet. Bad roads aside we enjoyed the scenery, the trees are changing, fall is on it's way.We were almost the last to leave this morning but we were the second to arrive, don't know where we passed all those other rigs but somehow we did.

Day 50

Today we traveled 225 miles to Destruction Bay Yukon, back in Canada again. While the scenery was once again beautiful the roads were the worse yet. Good thing we don't have to go back the same way. A quick border crossing and we're in Yukon, tomorrow back to AK and down into Skagway.

We are at Destruction Bay Lodge, a large gravel parking lot. We were second in, by the end of the afternoon we had rigs on either side of us, good thing we like our neighbors.

Unfortunately our Progressive Industries EMS surge protector isn't working, we will be sending it back to them from Skagway and having them ship it back to a friends home so we can pick it up in Oct when we meet our friends in MN. Sure hate being with out it but Dave does monitor our electric with a volt meter.

Day 51
Our drive into Skagway was 270 miles and was overcast for most of the day. Lots of beautiful scenery and by the time we made it to Skagway the sun came out. For those who haven’t driven to Skagway there is an 11% 11 mile descent into town, some areas flatten out for a bit but you sure want to have some good brakes when you do this drive.

Our campground for the four nights in Skagway is Garden City RV Park, sites had a little spacing with grass in between the sites.

Skagway is a cute town that caters to the cruise ships. After 9am the streets swell with all of the cruise ship guests, by 6pm or so they go back to their ship and it’s a pleasure to walk the historical streets of Skagway. Our entertainment for the first evening was a Monte Carlo night with a Soapy Sales Vaudeville Show.

We have a few more days in Skagway but I'll cover those in another post.

Until next time...

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  1. Beautiful! Looking forward to hear all your adventures!


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