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Thursday, June 19, 2014

This and That

Yes it's been awhile since I last posted, since we are stationary for 5 months and working as much as possible there's nothing too exciting for the blog, customers are not adding any fodder either.  Dave's friends on Facebook are missing his story telling, guess this is the semi part of semi retired. We've talked of doing a few things but haven't, we did go to one farmers market and got a few goat cheeses, it was more about going for a ride instead. Since Dave is putting in as many hours as possible, unlimited overtime for him, we usually keep him off his foot as much as possible on his days off. So we are living a regular type of life right now, another 3.5 months and we'll have the wheels moving again.


The blood clots he had in both his lungs and legs have been aggressively treated which has resulted in my father feeling much better, I knew he was doing better when he started reading. He was transported to a nursing home near my folks home, thanks to my cousin Richard for bringing my mom home, dad will stay in the nursing home while he regains strength and starts PT. They were told by dad's doctor that most folks don't make it through what dad had gone through, how grateful I was to be able to call him on Father's Day. Again thank you to all who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers your support is much appreciated.

Father's Day Weekend

The week prior to Father's Day was one of getting ready for our Father's Day BBQ that was on Saturday. A huge shopping trip to Costco for the campground, two grocery carts filled to overflowing, sure glad it wasn't my bill :)  A morning spent getting huge quantities of potato and macaroni salads made and as much prep work done as possible.

It was  my weekend to work at the camp store, we had a full campground, the Champlain Valley Roadrunners who are a Good Sam club  had 19 sites, there were a few small family groups-some regulars and we were full up. An ice cream social for the club Friday evening-after the ones who still had to work made it in, 40 people served in 20 minutes by Robin and I, a quick shift.

Saturday was the BBQ, the morning was spent getting the final things taken care of, my shift started at 3pm, dinner was served to 80 people starting at 5:30, by 7pm most folks were done. Dave got home around then from work and came down to have dinner while we cleaned up. Another quick shift. 

29 Years

Sunday, Father's Day was our 29th anniversary, I've known Dave 32 years, it's hard to remember a time when he hasn't been part of my life. We've gone through much but have come out stronger for it, no matter what we've made it through as best friends.We both had to work so a quiet small dinner was in order when Dave got home from work.
What a good husband :)

Dave's Birthday & Dr's appointment

Tuesday the 17th was Dave's birthday, it was an OT day so he headed into work, since he had a 3pm dr's apt he didn't work too late. After his doctors apt we picked up a couple of pizzas and a cake, we had a small celebration at the camp store with a few of our good friends from here at the campground.
Dave has been in the boot for 6 weeks, he usually has it on unless he's sleeping, driving or sitting around when he takes it off. He's worn out one sole so we ordered him a few extra, we are waiting for a piece that will attach to his regular shoe to lift his other leg up. He's been getting some back aches and his sciatica has been acting up, since he's going to be in the boot for awhile longer we decided to invest in the lift up attachment. His dr's apt went well, they have added some flex to his ankle as he will slowly try to transition back to shoes over the next 6 weeks. We talked with his doctor about taking all summer to try and fix Dave up, if surgery is going to be needed we discussed having it done while in TX this winter. The doctor is originally from San Antonio, he worked in VT until the mid 90's went back to TX, then 2 years ago came back to VT, he has lots of contacts in Corpus Christie so finding a doctor there will not be a problem. So we will be in a holding pattern for awhile,

This & That

Our friend Lesman - saying hi to our blog friends

We've visited with friends here and there, Les & Deb came out one Sunday for some serious (not) spade playing, our friends Mike & Carol surprised me with a short visit after I got off work on Father's Day. They were out on their motorcycle and stopped in to say hi.
All of our vehicles are legal, finally, now I'm not "stuck" here when Dave goes to work, it will be nice not to have to do all the errands on his days off.

Reading blogs and books, visiting around the campground and yes some tv time are my activities right now. It's our weekend off so hoping we can catch up with friends, got some ribs to smoke on Saturday, weather looks good for a fire.

Until next time...


  1. Wow what a newsy blog. You have been very busy. Don't know what you mean you have nothing to blog about. An anniversary and a birthday are each enough for a blog although perhaps only if you have blabber fingers like I do. LOL Excellent idea to get the shoe lift. I have broken my ankle twice and had more trouble with the after effects of the boot they put me in than I ever did with the ankle itself. Two years it took to get my back and hip and knee corrected. So next time I broke it I said forget the boot. I'll just have crutches for 6 weeks. It was hard, but when it was over I had no other problems. Thankfully! Glad to hear all is going well for Dave and your dad. Hope the work time flies by so you can both cut that out.

  2. I agree with Sherry...quite a newsy blog :) So glad your dad is continuing to improve and hope Dave's foot will do the same. How fortunate his doc has connections in Corpus! It might be really, really rough to recouperate on the Gulf coast though, listening to the surf and watching the tides roll in and out. Rough. Really rough :)

  3. Well finally you posted. I understand tho. Glad Dave's foot might be better, I guess we will all see. Wish we were closer come see you. But shoulder really a bummer. You guys just get wiser and rested up for us old people at GW.

  4. Thanks for the catch up....wondered how ankle was doing!!! I second that missing Dave's fb humor but Fall is going to be here faster than you can shake a stick :)

  5. Happy belated anniversary to you both (your flowers are lovely!), and Happy belated birthday to Dave! Very glad to hear that your dad seems to be well on the mend. That's great that Dave's doctor has contacts in Texas. The gulf coast would be an awesome place to recuperate!

  6. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. Happy Anniversary and I hope all works out ok with Dave's foot and that he won't need anything further done.


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