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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Relaxing in GA

While here in Eastbank COE campground we haven't done much, this campground is so conducive to relaxing the days away. Our zero gravity chairs are set up right on the shoreline and I've spent quite a few hours reading the hours away.

We did get out on the water one day for an hour or so, the lake is really large with lots of bass boats on it, Dave did catch one striped bass while we were out.

We had a cold front blow, there were white caps on the lake and our tenting neighbors had quite the time. While out their screen room started blowing over, along with another neighbor we were able to get it staked down, the owners returned while we getting it staked and were very grateful that we had come over to help out.  The winds continued into the night, by the morning the neighbors had had it, they were packing up a day early.

We spent a day working out our route northward, found lots of state and COE parks to check out and made some reservations at places that seemed to be filling up. Couldn't get into the COE park we wanted near Nashville but found a small one about 45 minutes away.

 Dave has been wanting to smoke a brisket for some time, well we finally got that done and boy was it good. Now I may be partial to our rub but it was the best brisket we've ever had. He is looking forward to entering the rib cook off next year at Gulf Waters, it just took place and our friends there are looking forward to his entry.

Eastbank Campground is just over the border into GA, very nice large sites, you can access the Jim Woodruff Dam from here making for a nice walk, you actually go back into FL to get to the dam. The only issue we had is their notorious ants, we sprayed down anything touching the ground at that seems to have taken care of them.

Until next time...


  1. We enjoyed our stay at East Bank COE several years ago. Only problem was knowing what time it was. My phone kept switching from a tower in Ga to one across the lake that was in a different time zone.

  2. Looks like a nice little spot very similar to our stay at Canyon Lake COE north of San Antonio. Looking forward to following your journey north.

  3. we forgot all about Dave smoking talents...darn you owe us one :) We have a bag of pellats for ants....ecks. Hope they dont get in your rig...


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