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Friday, March 21, 2014

Back in AL

Our ride Wednesday to Gunter Hill COE park was long but uneventful, we have a wonderful site in the new section. A long concrete pad able to fit all the vehicles, full hookups and lots of space between sites, what a great place to relax and enjoy some nice days.

As we were setting up our surge protector kept shutting itself down, we started smelling electric components burning. Here's where Dave's trouble shooting skills come in handy, even though it took a bit we were able to determine which breaker was having the problem. It was the one that took care of all the outlets, seems the old power strip we had used for Dave's computer had come to the end of it's life. Once we unplugged it we had no more issues, out in the garbage it went, what could have been a disastrous situation was avoided. Though we spent quite a few dollars on the surge protector it was money well spent.  

Thursday was about getting some chores (laundry in Prattville) taken care of and then spending the afternoon relaxing in the anti gravity chairs. We were entertained by the gentleman next to us setting up his pop up, don't know if he had never set it up before but it for sure always helps to put the jacks down otherwise when you go in it tips over, after a while though he seemed to have it figured out.

There is a Dulcimer gathering here at Gunter Hill, we have been invited to come listen to their music one evening which I'm sure we'll do since the weather here is so nice. 

We are here for 9 nights and trying to figure out where to stay before heading into Nashville. The only COE park near Nashville we could get into for our time frame is Cedar Creek on Old Hickory Lakes. While there my folks will be stopping in on their northward trek from FL to IL, we're looking forward to spending a few days with them and showing them our new home. 

We need to be back in VT in 38 days or so, they are still having snow and it doesn't look like it will warm up for at least another week. The maple syrup industry may not have a good year this year if the weather doesn't cooperate soon. They need cold nights and warmer days, usually they are tapping trees and almost done by this time of year. Then after maple syrup season is mud season, with all the cold they've had this year the thaw will take a long while and that makes for a long mud season which we hope to miss.

Until next time...


  1. I think more about the weather in other parts of the country now. Inever have really liked spring in Wisconsin. It seemed like it was drab and wet for too long, then boom it was way hot and humid.

  2. The 2 COE parks in Nashville are very nice but the locals book up all the weekend as fast as their little fingers can hit "enter". It's a shame. We've never tried Cedar Creek so will look forward to your critique. We now stay south of Nashville at the Texas T Campground on I-65 in Cornersville. It's a straight shot into Franklin/Nashville (grandkids) and nowhere near as much traffic.
    Enjoy Gunter Hill. I knew you'd love it :)

  3. We are going to beat you up north by a couple weeks. :) I am excited to see my family and getting real ancy to get home, even though I know it's going to be colder than we like. We plan to be arriving in Catskill around the 15th, 16th of April.

  4. We've stayed at Gunter Hill COE twice and love the place. The only warning I might give is to watch out for sugar ants!

  5. Your header picture is the site to die for. The Dulcimer gathering sounds lovely. I played the autoharp for years. 38 days to VT. Sure hope it warms up and the snow leaves by then.

  6. I'm so glad you spoke of the surge protector....I have more piece of mind! And Lord thank the skies you got to the bottom of your problem....scary stuff!

  7. Too bad we didn't know you were at Gunter Hill. We could have met up. We took several long walks in the park, and I think we saw your Solitude. It is a beauty. We're leaving today (Thursday) and headed for Arkansas.


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