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Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Time

Not much newsworthy going on here, we've been working on my folks house for the most part and visiting some of the family. Unfortunately a lot of them have to work so getting to see them isn't so easy, we did get a visit in with my Uncle Jim, who will be 95 next week, and Aunt Lois, my cousins Dennis & Nancy and their daughter Sarah, and cousins Jack & Carol unfortunately we didn't get to see everyone we wanted but there will be a next time in another year or two. Thanks Dennis and Nancy for dinner Sunday night, we had a great time seeing you both and look forward to next time, though Dave  took a few pictures none turned out well enough to post.

We haven't had much luck getting the satellite hooked up here, think the tree cover is too much for it to go through it's learning process. We are leaving here today ( I know Columbus Day) and heading to Rock Island IL and spend two nights, it will make our drive to WI much more reasonable and won't have to do a PDD Day. For those who don't know,  Paul Dahl writes the blog R Sanity RV Adventures which I've been reading for the last year or so. Paul is known for driving incredibly long distances in one day, hence the Paul Dahl Disorder or PDD. We've found a KOA for $25 a night near the route, from Google Earth it doesn't appear to have too much tree cover so we're hoping to get the satellite up and running while there. Looks like there are a few things to see in the area so we might actually play tourist for a bit too.

My folks don't cook much anymore since it's just the two of them so we've been eating out more than usual, one place we went to is Rockhome Restaurant in Arcola IL, they have a buffet run by the Amish, food was quite good and Dave said he their walleye was some of the best he's had.  For one lunch we had Chinese, Dave and I had been to a fantastic buffet here once before and wanted to try it again, well it did not disappoint and my folks now know of it. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, see you somewhere next year, maybe on your ride north from FL

This has turned into a lovely albeit expensive stop, with Walmart so close by the wallet is feeling the pinch :) oh well we knew it would be like this for a bit as we settled into the traveling part of this lifestyle. We hear the trains in the distance, the tracks are 2 miles away, but the sound reminds me of nights at my grandparents house. My grandfather was a section foreman for the Illinois Central, when they bought their house in Neoga it was next to the tracks, my summer nights were spent sleeping on the front porch and listening to the sounds of the trains rumbling through. Don't know how I'd feel these days if these tracks were any closer though, but at two miles away it's a soothing and non intrusive sound.The folks who run this campground are very nice, we've spoken with Bob quite a bit as he walks by guiding the rv's to their sites. For those staying overnight they have some long pull thru sites and we see at least 10 or so rigs every night come in,  lots of entertainment watching the evening parade and with the precision parking no one driving through sites :) The rate for the week is $182 less than some of the state parks we've been in and the same as the COE park we should have been in. For convenience sake I imagine we will stay here next time, there is a large smoker at the campground that has only been used twice, Dave was invited to use it if he wanted, not enough time this year but we're already planning on using it next time.

We did finally get the canoe in the campground lake, Dave fished and I read while laughing at all the fish jumping around us and Dave catching nary a one until this little guy came and played with Dave for a minute.

Dave and I have enjoyed our stay here, we like we're my folks have settled, they have a house that gives them the room they need for all their hobbies and it's near family who will keep an eye out for them. The family time has been great and I enjoyed meeting family members who have come along since the years I spent my summers here. We're already looking forward to our next time here, by then my folks will have another list ready for Dave, may have to plan a few more days next time :)

My folks will be here soon to say goodbye and of course to get a few pictures in, time to get packed and ready to move on down the road.

Until next time...


  1. Sounds like our visits back to oiur home town, trying to see folks who are still working and spending too much money. So nice that you have found a good and relatively inexpensive park near there. I know what you mean about the costs of state parks. I really can't afford to stay in Virginia's state parks anymore. W/E are $35+ per night with tax. Glad you are able to be such help to your folks. It makes visiting all the more enjoyable. Safe travels down the road.

    1. We got lots done at their house, all kinds of little stuff and then my cousin wanted Dave to stay and work for him for a month. Maybe another time. Now off to try out the WI state park for a few days.

  2. Sounds like you had a great visit and that campground sounds like just the right thing at just the right time :) Having a smoker available for Dave's use is just icing on the top :)
    Safe travels down the road!

    1. Things work out the way they're suppose to do, we'll probably go back just for the convenience.

  3. Family visits are always special, and it's especially nice to reconnect with those you haven't seen in quite a while.

    You found a KOA that only charges $25/night? Wow, that's a real bargain for a KOA!

    1. Nope there were a few "extras", lesson learned :(


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