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Sunday, November 4, 2018

2018 Texas Grand Design Rally

October 25-27, 2018
Our next stop was just 54 miles away at the San Antonio KOA for the Texas Grand Design Rally. Before leaving Blanco that morning we got some prep work done on our dishes for the next day’s pot luck breakfast and dinner. We left about 11am and before we knew it we were in San Antonio at the KOA. While our site wasn’t the best, site O4, the location of the site was great. Near the hall where the meals were to be served and just a few sites away from our friends Jim and Ginnie, it was nice to have friends on the same street. The opportunity to reconnect with Tommy & Sharon, who we first met on our AK trip, was fun. Then there was Glen & Lynn, who we first met at our place on the Gulf Coast, a few winters ago, great to see them again too. We knew a number of folks at the rally, whether from meeting in person elsewhere or from the FB owners group we used to belong to. So nice to put names to faces and to get to know folks better.
Site O4 with shared yard

Jim & Ginnie's site 

Glen, Jim, Lynn, Faye, Ginnie & Dave

Sharon, Tommy, Faye, Gail, Matt, Jim, Ginnie & Dave

Julie & Faye

Ginnie & Dave-don't let them sit next to each other

We’ve been to three other rallies, two at Quartzsite and one the national rally in IN, now this one. Each are different but have many similarities: food, fun, fixes and friends/family. The Grand Design owners are great people, for the most park. We’ve made some great friends, because of Grand Design, that have become like family. Grand Design sends maintenance techs to all most all its rallies to work on customer’s RV’s. No matter where you go, when you get lots of likeminded folks together there's usually fun and too much food. 
Jack-Grand Design tech

Grand Design parts truck
Usually there are a few vendors at the rallies. You can purchase electric bikes for good prices like our friends did. Boy were there some jealous folks there who missed out on the limited deal for the bikes.
Lots of Grand Designs, over 100 there. 

Lots of Grand Design owners there too. 

What to do when your decals fade.

Leave it naked

Or add a mural 

For the most part we stayed at the park but one afternoon we caught the bus just outside the park and headed to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Our friends Jim & Ginnie had suggested we get out and down to the Riverwalk for lunch. While the bus was cheap and convenient we only had one issue which was finding the bus stop to go home. We enjoyed the rally but the most fun was getting to know Jim & Ginnie better, looking forward to meeting them when we get back to AZ. Thanks for a great time guys!!!
Buckhorn Saloon, some interesting things on their walls.

Fun house mirrors on the way to the restrooms, the boys just had to play.

Saloon = beer = sampler
Lunch at Dick’s Last Resort.

San Antonio Riverwalk

When I made the reservations for the rally way back early this year our plans were different. We would have just been getting released from our jobs in mid-October. Back then I didn’t want to go from the rally down to the Gulf Coast immediately and had planned 3 more stops on our way there.  Our eta at Gulf Waters was 11/15, after talking with our friends Jackie and DuWayne we learned they’ll be leaving on 11/12 and not getting back till mid-January. So this time we stirred the Jello, we cancelled the next 3 reservations and will be heading to Gulf Waters in Port Aransas TX when we leave here. Guess who’s going to be surprised.

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  1. Looks like a great time with lots of friends, food and most!

  2. How wonderful that you can go to rallies with people who have your same type rig. I sure wish there were such a thing as a Winnebago Brave rally but the only ones I know are all types of Winnebagos. And what a great place near San Antonio. Looks like you really had a terrific time.

    1. Grand Design isn't nearly as big as Winnebago, so one model line doesn't get lost in amongst the others. Our friends went to the Winnebago national rally, sounded like way too rv's for me. So far the rallies haven't got to soo large we don't want to attend.

  3. Love Jim & Ginnie! Sounds like a great time. I’ve heard the Rverwalk is great!


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