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Monday, December 25, 2017

Fun Times to Disappointed

October 26-December 10, 2017


We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our son David and our daughter in law Laura, Davids best friend from VT, James, and one of Laura's classmates Pratchie who is from India. Pratchie was looking forward to typical Thanksgiving. Well there's nothing typical in our holidays, the home is on wheels, the turkey was deep fried...the rest of the dinner was more typical. Delicious food and good company made for a wonderful afternoon with the kids. Deep fried turkey has become our go to Thanksgiving dinner, so delicious.

We've enjoyed some great hikes at Cave Creek Regional Park and Spur Cross Ranch Conservation area.

Go John & Overton Trails

Hiking into the Tonto National Forest to see some petroglyphs.

We've had friends stop in for visits.

Our friends Alex and Paul came for a stay at Cave Creek Regional Park, they were fortunate to get the vacant host site next to us for their stay. I think someone got a little cold while they were here.

Great friends who've become like family, always fun and trouble when we get together.

Friends Paula and Steve from our place in Port Aransas TX stopped in for a few nights.

The jello keeps jiggling

Since we arrived we'd been scheduled on weekends and had only seen the kids once (Thanksgiving) since they are busy with work or school during the week. We spoke to our supervisor about all the weekends and were assured this would change once all the Spur Cross hosts arrived. When we received our January schedule and saw we were once again scheduled for all the weekends we decided it was time for us to move on. We were disappointed in leaving but we have certain rules we now live by, the most important being if we're not happy it's time for us to leave.

Pioneer RV Park Site 81
We've relocated to a small (583 sites) rv park near Anthem 12 miles away. We got a great deal on a site for 3 months. While it's not our ideal kind of place we feel lucky to have found a place to stay for the season. Now we'll be able to spend the winter playing and enjoying ourselves with family and friends. Best thing about being here, our friends Ingrid and Al are in the same park until the first of the year, can you say party time.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you had to move on but getting to spend some time with Al and Ingrid certainly make up for it. Are you guys heading towards Quartzsite at all this winter?

  2. Seems like they didn't keep their word to you. Your rule is an excellent one. Not working us better than working any day any way. Enjoy your family and friends!

  3. There loss, our gain! Fun in the desert :-)

  4. How silly of them to not listen to you. Instead of once in a while not having you on the weekends, they don't have you at all. Enjoy your family.

  5. Okay now I understand why! It's their loss and now you have plenty in your hands to just do nothing! Other than socializing and partying.

  6. Bummer and not fair either. Oh well, on to other adventures!


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