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Sunday, August 21, 2016

61 Day Alaska Caravan: Day 37-39

August 17-19, 2016

Day 37

Our travel day today was about 220 miles, we made a few stops for pastries and to check out a farmers market. With road construction it took us about 5 hours to make it to Homer AK, Halibut Capital.

We are in Oceanview RV Park with views of the water from the road but not from our site. Later in the day we saw a campground on Homer Spit that if we are ever here again we'll choose that as our place to stay.

 After our travel meeting we headed out to dinner on "The Spit" with two other couples, dinner at Captian Patties was great but once again too busy eating and talking to remember to get a picture. Afterwards we tried to find a Geocache nearby but had no luck.

Day 38

Today half of the caravan group went out halibut fishing, for those of us who didn't go fishing it was a free day. We decided to check out Anchor Point and the most westerly point in the US that you can drive to. Our friend Dixie went with us, her husband was out fishing, and we introduced her to geocaching, we found two :)

Dave's big catch

You never know what you'll find on the beach

Meanwhile the fishing people all caught their limit in fish, 2 halibut per person. We helped a few with vacuum sealing their catch, a few pounds even found their way into our freezer.

After dinner we took a ride on Skyline Dr up above the town of Homer with views of the town, "The Spit" and a few of the local glaciers.

Day 39

A relaxing day, showed some friends the view we had found above town and visited the Salty Dog Saloon. The Salty Dog started out as a one of the first cabins in Homer with many incarnations, a post office,  a railroad station, a grocery store, a coal mining office, an office for Standard Oil Company and eventually (1957) becoming the Salty Dog. After the 1964 Good Friday earthquake it was moved to it's current location.

A stop at Homer Brewing Company rounded out our day. Next door to the brewery is an oyster shack, $1/oyster and he delivers to the brewery, Dave enjoyed a few dozen while we all looked on.

 Our trip has been flying by, as of tomorrow we only have 3 weeks left, before we know it'll be over.

Until next time...


  1. That pub reminds me of the Irish Pub in Pensacola ... bills galore decorating every inch of the ceiling and most of the walls.

  2. Homer was one of our favorite towns. We never made it to the Homer Brewing Company but will make sure we hit it next time we are there. Wasn't the Salty Dog a cool bar?!?!

  3. We stayed at that campground by the spit! I could not remember going to the Homer Brewing Co for I was so engrossed with the scones at the bakery in town.
    Five hours? wow, that 's a very long day!
    It looked like you are still enjoying your Alaskan Adventure!


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