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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Big Things Small Town....Finally

We enjoyed 5 days of visiting with my folks, unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling the best. With the corn being harvested...they have cornfields on two sides of their property, and the release of molds from the dried corn my mom's allergies were acting up. Combine that with some of her other medical issues and she was under the weather for most of the time we were there. We limited our time so she could rest as we knew she needed to do.

Big Wind Chime

We did get out one day to the small IL town of Casey to view some big things.
Big Rocking Chair

Big Golf Tee

Big Ear of Corn

Casey IL
Big Pencil

We had ss always a great visit with my cousin Dennis and his wife Nancy, who keeps an eye on my folks for my brother and I. Of course we were talking too much to take pictures. Another day a visit to the local Amish store, now we're restocked on dried noodles and tasty treats.

While at Bo Woods we took advantage of the great weather and washed the rig, lots of dust to get off the roof after being in one place all summer. Dave also tackled the slide issue we've had since work was done at the factory in April. Since we were stationary all summer the issue wasn't an everyday problem, now it had become one. Finally after reading the owners manual he got a clue as to where the problem might be. An hour later our slide was once again working properly, seems a wire had been crimped when the slide was reinstalled. Over the summer Dave had been working so much he never got the manual out...amazing the things you can find in those manuals. I'm a happy camper again.

On our way to town on day we took a ride through nearby Hidden Springs National Forest campground. Nice enough but no utilities except for the host site. We also took a ride through Lithia Springs COE and found this cute vintage trailer.

We have now moved onto Yellowstone Lake State Park in Wisconsin where we are camping with our friends Mark and Nancy.

Until next time...


  1. You're not far from us. We're working at Derge County Park in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, but only until Monday. Then we're heading south before the really cold weather comes.

    1. Thanks for commenting Evelyn, we're heading south on Tuesday. Looks like the weather will hold for the next week or so.

  2. A manual? What a novel idea...teehee! Guess something we should be better at! Sorry momma under the weather...enjoy WI!

    1. Manuals=manufacturers interpretation of how things work...novel idea indeed. You don't know how glad I was to push the slide button and all worked just the way it's suppose to.

  3. A manual? What a novel idea...teehee! Guess something we should be better at! Sorry momma under the weather...enjoy WI!

  4. Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she is feeling better by now. LOL at all those big things in that small town. Glad to hear you were able to get your slide back in order. Well done!


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