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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wrapping up January

The second half of January has been a bit warmer than the first. Our days have been spent enjoying whatever sun comes our way. Today it's been raining so figured it's a good day to catch up.

We've enjoyed some beautiful sunrises when the weather cooperated. 

Dave has filled the freezer with lots of whiting. Many a day has been spent at the beach battling the surf and keeping Stealafish away from his catch. Sometimes with more success than others. We've also stocked the freezer with shrimp fresh from the Polly Anne. You have to be there early, they always run out and you're limited to 5pds a person.

 My friend Bev got us started on some consistent strength exercising, three mornings a week we work out at the welcome center.  The other days I have spent walking many a mile on the beach in an effort to reach the 10,000 steps a day. I've also started tracking what I've been eating, trying to stay under 1500 calories. I've often heard folks say around here that is impossible to not gain weight. Since the beginning of January I've managed to drop 10pds, quite a few more to go but it's a start.
We've enjoyed happy hours and good food, beach rides and bonfires.

frog legs frying
My infamous cheesecake

We have an area on our patio that has needed attention, it is filled with gravel and when the slides are out it is difficult to walk around. The adjoining lot has the same set up and a friend has fallen there. Yesterday was our day to "fix" the problem.

With Texas being once again not as sunny as we were hoping for and no desire (yet) to go to FL we've almost decided to go to AZ next winter. The past few weeks I've been busy working on our resume; sure been awhile since we've done that. Thanks go to my friend Jackie for proof reading and making some great suggestions. We are hoping to be in Phoenix area so I've sent a few places our resume, we have family and a few friends in the area so wanted to start there. Thinking of joining Workamper News if I get nothing from the queries I've put out.

Lots to look forward to in February, a visit from blogging friends is planned. I've been asked to be in a fashion that aught to be interesting. The boys are entered in a Rib Cookoff and who knows what else.

So until next time...


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the 10,000 steps a day. You might try national monuments and state parks for work camping, as well as RV parks. If Dave like moving chairs and tables, Valle del Oro in Mesa always need work campers who will do that. The wives have lots of different types of work while the men move stuff.

  2. Sounds like a good January. I hope your plans do bring you to the Phoenix area. We made our reservation at Canyon Vistas for next year. They also have workampers there but it looks like next year you would have to commit to 6 months. Rule changes for workampers. You won't have any problem finding things to do here and 3 happy hours each week. Can't beat that. We plan to be in the Abbeville area at Palmetto Island SP in March. Hope we can get together if you go to Betties. Let us know. Curt

  3. Big congrats on your weight loss. Not sure how you did it with that delicious looking cheesecake around. I find that when I'm with friends we tend to potluck or go out to restaurants and I tend to over eat. Those 10K steps definitely help. I really like your bricks rather than gravel and would have done it even if folks weren't tripping. Looks very nice.

  4. I like the bricks too. Nice job! Also congrats on the 10#s...that's awesome!
    The chilly winters in Port A is why we ended up in Florida the last 2 years. Last year, on the Crystal coast, was cold too, but this year in southern Florida has been fantastic. We are headed to AZ next winter though too. Have to have a comparison of all 3 places (TX,FL,AZ) before deciding to pick one for all winters :)

  5. 10 lbs! not that is quite an accomplishment given the cold weather that we had. Congratulations Faye. I admired your determination and I wished I have some of those.

  6. Update in your life please! We are still at a juncture about all of this. Just send Dave ahead just to make sure. Have him report back and then we will let you go!


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