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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just About Ready

One of the definitions of morass is: an overwhelming or confusing mass or mixture. For a few weeks after losing our friend to suicide that was how my mind felt. Eventually I stopped crying every morning in the shower, still don't understand why. For us though life goes on with a touch of sadness that will always be there.

 September has been a quiet month for us, Dave continued his crazy work schedule and is now a handful of days from being done, none too soon. One of my coworkers quit (the owners sister) so I've worked a few extra shifts, not a bad thing as we wanted to get some new chairs here from the store. The campground has quieted down since Labor Day and some of our seasonal friends have already left, the days at the store are quiet. Before the leaving started a lot of us had one last meal together.

Unfortunately our friends from our former VT hometown have been busy all month, expectations of lots of visits this past summer never materialized. Hopefully next summer will be different, the days do get a bit boring when Dave is working a 12 hour day. While old friends haven't been around we've been enjoying the company of new friends.

Not to long ago we met Alison and Dave, soon to be Grand Design Solitude owners. Until last weekend we hadn't seen them since the got their new rig, Their new front living room Solitude is 42.5' long so when Alison called we got them into a site with plenty of room. Dave and I spent a great evening visiting with them in their beautiful rig, it was nice to get to know them better. Alison has started the Grand Design owners group on Facebook so we "talk" all the time. They hope to be full timers before too many years, still have one left in high school so it shouldn't be too many years. Forgot to take a picture so borrowed a picture from Facebook of them and their new beast, see you next summer guys.

Guy (coworker) and Rich

One of Dave's coworkers came in for a weekend along with some of their friends, a few nights around a campfire and new friendships were born. They were here for Halloween weekend and voted in the site decorating contest, I'm sure they were instrumental in our taking second place. 

Second prize was a free night stay, hoping our friends from IL will be coming out next summer so saving it for them. 

on the way to the top

 We did finally take a day and play tourist for part of it, we had never been to Jay Peak Resort so took a ride to the north hoping also to find a bit more color. While we are not skiers and you'd never catch us up on the mountain top in the winter we do love visiting VT ski resorts in the summer and riding to the mountain top, taking pictures and riding back down. While the color hadn't changed and it was a bit overcast it was good to be out playing again.
Top of Jay Peak

The Long Trail which runs across the VT high peaks is here at Jay Peak. We've done parts of the Long Trail in various places over the years, our favorite hike was up Camels Hump which was in our former hometown.


We've finished up running a bit more LED lights over one of our cabinets, still trying to figure the best way to add some ambient lighting in the very back. The basement has been reorganized and inside I've gone through the closets and cabinets getting things ready to travel. We were expecting (and received) a hard frost so Dave harvested what was remaining on his tomato plants, cut back the herbs for drying and brought in a few plants that we are going to try and take with us.

Heading into the big city tomorrow, an appointment with my hairdresser one last time and lunch with my two best girlfriends in VT. A few stops to replenish some made in VT products (maple syrup and Switchback beer) a few goodbyes to some local business owners, a visit to UPS to make sure all is good with our mail forwarding then off to rescue Dave from his OT day. A few days to get the inside spic and span, the weekend to get the site prepped for winter, last visits with friends and we're out of here.

We will leave VT on Sunday or Monday, plans are to stop three times before getting to IL where we will spend a few weeks camping with friends and visiting family. Our first stop is Verona State Park on the eastern side of Lake Oneida, nearby is Old Erie Canal SHP where if the weather cooperates we will get in some much needed exercise on our bikes. Our next stop will be West Branch State Park in OH where if the weather once again cooperates we hope to bike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest, after reading about it on Sherry's blog In the Direction of Our Dreams. We'll then head to somewhere in IN to wait over the weekend before heading into Hudson IL to again camp with friends. We do have some long (6 hour) travel days but none are back to back and for the most par it's roads we've been on before which helps.  

Our time here is ending like it began with mice trying to visit, early detection on our part surely helped. Dave set the traps, we went to bed to watch tv and before we had hardly begun the trap went off, the intruder got lucky but then decided to chance that luck a second time. Needless to say he didn't learn as he was caught before we the tv went off, the morning brought news of the demise of another intruder. Time to move on!!!!

Until next time... 


  1. Safe travels and have a wonderful winter!

  2. Sorry about your friend's suicide. That sort of death is perhaps the most difficult to accept. Time does heal, but it doesn't make you forget.
    Have safe travel and enjoy being back on the road.

  3. Safe travels ... leave any mice that might try to hitch a ride with you in Vermont ;-)

  4. I don't know how I could have missed your post about the death of your friend. So very sad for all those who loved him. I feel so sorry for his wife, left alone and his daughters with no father to share their lives as they make their way through this world. I can't imagine how horrible things must have been for him to leave them this way.

    Glad to hear ya'lls work will soon be over and you'll be on the road again. Hope you like Cuyahoga Valley NP there in Ohio. We wished we could have stayed longer. Thanks for the shout out! When the mice show up, you know it's time to move on. Hope you leave them all behind.

  5. Safe travels you two. Keep posting and we'll follow along.

    1. See I need to change the spelling of your name. Let us know how you make out with a site for next year.


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