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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Catching Up

I started this post over a week ago, wanted to get it done before my best friend from high school visited. On Wednesday the 20th we received word a friend of ours had committed suicide, my next post will have more about that. Needless to say I am way behind now, thanks for continuing to follow, we'll be on the move 9/28 or 9/29 taking a slow 7 week trip west and south.

It's been just over a month since our last post, yes we're still alive and while we don't seem to be doing much a month has gone by in another flash. We have been enjoying lots of our rv friends summer travels, some have been traveling through areas we've been to years ago, our appetites are wetted and we look forward to exploring them again someday. We have another 6 weeks and we'll be out of here, route planning to the Texas Gulf Coast has taken a bit of time. I usually plan out a loose route then we sit down with Google Earth and look at COE and State parks nearby, finding ones that have decent reviews and look to at least have some roads to walk or ride the bikes. For our trip south this year hiking isn't a priority, fishing, walking, biking and local attractions will be what we are looking for.

 Our free weekends have been spent with friends we hold dear, time is quickly running out, only one more gathering of the 3 couples who for 10+ spent most every other Saturday night in each others company. Treasured times spent with good friends, laughing till our sides hurt, recalling times gone by as kids grew up, always there for each other when ever needed. Dreams of visits to see us on our beach in Texas, hopes they come to fruition.

We have taken next weekend off, my best friend since high school will be here for a visit. For many years we've been getting together for a weekend in August, usually involving a concert we are attending at the local county fair. Rene and Ed will be here on Friday, still don't know if they will bring a tent or use our new air mattress in the living room. Saturday late afternoon we will head to the fairgrounds for dinner then for 3 band concert. Plain White T's, Goo Goo Dolls and Daughtry entertaining us from the first row of the grandstands. We learned many years ago at the Styx & REO concert we want to be under cover, VT August weather can be unpredictable and the show usually goes on.
no other lighting on
 The UPS driver has been making frequent trips to the campground on our and Amazon's behalf, among other things we've been prettying up the inside of the rig. We have installed some under cabinet lights to add some ambiance, thinking of adding some similar white lights to a few places to help brighten some dark areas. 

We've also been working in the bathroom, as is typical in rv's the palette is a beige with dark brown cabinetry. After years of white and light cabinets I like the dark woodwork in the rig, in the bathroom there are no doors on closet which is fine, I've worked around that and am glad for no doors it might make the bathroom feel real dark. I've been looking at curtian panels but haven't found the right one yet. What we have done now is install the Smart Tiles as a back splash, thought it came out not to shabby. The tiles were easy to install, peel and stick, add a negligible amount of weigh, not bad for under a $100.

Dave has been working on improving our internet signal also, we now have a Wilson Sleek Cellular Signal Booster along with a trucker antenna to help pull in a stronger signal. So far so good, we've had much better internet since it's been hooked up.

We used to have a map hanging in our office in the S&B, it wasn't practical to bring it and we've found we miss having a larger US reference map. Our new dining table came with a glass top that place things under. Recently ordered a laminated US map and placed it under the glass top, we find ourselves using it when we are doing route planning :) 


pork loin stuffed with pork sausage wrapped in bacon

We've enjoyed lots of great meals....

peach pie :)

Shrimp po'boy, from Cajun's a little hole in the wall just up the road a piece 

this pic appeared on the I Love TX Recipes FB Page

The campground hosted a pig roast one weekend

Our garden is producing lots of tomatoes which Dave is enjoying immensely, along the recipients of his abundance of tomatoes. I've been enjoying the flowers blooming, one of my favorites is the fuchsia plant I have.

I had planned to end the post here last week when I started it, so for now that's what we've been up to. Haven't read any blogs in the last week so need to catch up on what everyone else has been up to for the last week too.

Until next time...

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