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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Goodbye Colorado, Hello New Mexico

Friday was our last day in CO, we didn't have much planned so took a ride up to Cripple Creek, we've been there numerous times, with the cold and wind we decided not to get out. We also too a ride around Mueller State Park, nice campground and looks like a wonderful place to stay but it isn't that convenient to CO Springs so doubt we'll ever stay there.

We stopped by my brothers place to say goodbye, things were a bit crazy there as Andy was leaving Saturday morning early for Moab UT where he is conducting a photography tour again.
Our favorite waiter

We got our goodbyes done and got out of their way then headed to Red Robin to meet Krystal, she brought along her mom and some of her family who wanted to meet us. Of course Tom was our waiter and we had an enjoyable meal which for Dave and I was comped by the manager, very nice of them to do that and as usual the meal was delicious.

It was very hard to say goodbye to Tom and Krystal as it will be another year before we see them again, we miss them already and no matter how much time we spend with them it is never enough. We are very proud of Tom for deciding to go to college at this time of his life, when he graduated from high school we all knew he wasn't ready, but at the age of 24 he is finally ready and proving he made the right decision. Krystal is a very supportive partner, they make a great couple and we hope Krystal can find an outlet for her creative talents.

This morning we were up and ready to go by 8am, as we were heading out I noticed one of the back rv lights were out. We pulled into the parking lot and found out the issues we've had with our toolbox, which is  designed to work with a 5th wheel, had caused us some more problems. The electrical cord had taken a beating and we think it shorted the light, when Dave rewired everything in the parking lot we still had no right side lights, brake and turn signal lights are not working. The left side signal and the brakes were working so off we headed, since I ride behind in our other truck we hoped we'd have no problems which we didn't. As soon as we get somewhere settled for a few days Dave will be investigating things further.

We got on the road around 9am and by noon time we were over Raton Pass with out a problem, no head winds to hinder our forward progress over, but soon the winds picked up again and we had them for the last 90 minutes or so until we arrived at Storrie Lake State Park in Las Vegas NM. Not much here, the lake has receded but does have some water in it and it makes a nice over night stay $14/night plus $10 for the extra vehicle. Water has been turned off at the sites, we did remember to take some on before we set up, there is 30amp service and winds gusting around 30mph. The gates close at 6pm and open at 7am, hope they remember the time change as we hope to be out early before the winds start up again. Tomorrow we are headed to Elephant Butte State Park where we hope to settle in for a few days, the elevation there is 2000' less than here so hoping it will be warmer and we feel like staying for a bit.

Until next time...


  1. Hope you're able to iron out your right light issue. Hope it's nothing too complicated.
    Congrats to Tom for going back to school. I'm sure that was not an easy decision for him and hope it pays off big one day. Good for him!
    Enjoy your time in New Mexico.

    1. Still working on the issues but I have faith Dave will take care of it. We are very proud of Tom, not an easy thing to do when you're out on your own.
      Loving our time here in southern New Mexico.

  2. Mueller is where we volunteered this summer. It is a great place. Hope you find its warm at Elephant Butte.

    1. I recognized the name when we drove by the park from your blog, very nice looking place though they did have a bit of snow and ice on the roads. So far no complaints about Elephant Butte.


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